PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, 6.1–15, 2020

Project Progress

PlatON Network

Completed the development of PlatON 0.13.1, entering into the testing stage, which is expected to be launched in late June after complete test and review.

1. Completed the upgrade of ATON wallet address and added the governable parameters of LAT additional issuing ratio;

2. Supported the parallel transfer, and optimized part of the codes.

Supporting Tools:

Completed the development of MTool 0.13.0, PlatScan 0.13.0 and ATON 0.13.0, entering into the test stage, which are expected to be launched in late June after complete test and review. The latest supporting tools will be compatible with the upgrade of ATON wallet address and the underlying chain of PlatON 0.13.0.

Stress Test Event:

Completed the development of stress test tool (for Java), which has been launched in the latest Baleyworld test net and applied in the stress test campaign on Jun.9, 2020


1. PlatON Founder Dr. Xiao Gave a Keynote Speech on Digital Economic Revolution in Globalization 2.0 at the 7th Global Investment and M & A Summit

In early June, 2020, PlatON Founder and Wanxiang Blockchain President & CEO Dr. Xiao gave a keynote speech on opportunities of the new digital economic revolution in globalization 2.0 at the 7th Global Investment and M & A Summit held by Morning Whistle Group. “Therefore, it is safe to say that the globalization after 2020 or Globalization 2.0, accelerated by the coronavirus, will bring a better future” Dr. Xiao said.

2. PlatON Innovation Research Institute’s Paper Has Been Accepted by ACM CCS 2020

On Jun.4, 2020, PlatON Innovation Research Institute’s Paper “LEAF: A Faster Secure Search Algorithm via Localization, Extraction and Reconstruction” finished with Rui Wen and Yang Zhang from Helmholtz Center for Information Security, and Prof. Yu Yu from Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly has been accepted by ACM CCS 2020.

— -

3. PlatON Galaxy Gate — Bug Hunting Went Live with 50000 LAT in the Bonus Pool

On Jun.9, 2020, PlatON Galaxy Gate — Beach Head, the second event of the exclusive PlatON smart contract session, is launched to enhance all users’ capacity of smart contract by offering a chance for them to find out vulnerabilities and debug. There are totally 5000 LAT in the bonus pool for winners in this bug event.

4. PlatON Founder Dr.Xiao Has Confirmed to Attend the Blockchain Forum at World Artificial Intelligence Online Summit

On June.10, 2020, PlatON Founder and Wanxiang Blockchain President & CEO Dr. Xiao has confirmed to attend the blockchain forum at World Artificial Intelligence Online Summit, sharing thoughts on how blockchain + AI will make a better future.



Project Progress:

Overall completion progress of Rosetta v0.2.0: 60%

1. Modified the gradient mpc op use case, which will be integrated for the correctness test.

2. Modified the static pass to support custom tensor type, which will be integrated for the correctness test.

3. Reviewed the design of back-end framework for multiple algorithms, 20% completed.

4. Started the adaptation of SecureNN operations on custom tensor type, 60% completed.


Project Progress:

Completed the development of PAI 0.4.5 with newly added features as follows:

1. The distributed privacy-preserving solutions of blacklist inquiry;

2. The algorithm optimization and concurrent multi-tasking realization of Private Set Intersection (PSI);

3. The recommendation of popular assets.



  1. On June 10, 2020, Microsoft invited Leo Lin to participate in the 1st year anniversary dedication to its growing relationship with Microsoft’s AI&IoT Labs. has been saluted as a 2nd-round enterprise member, supported with gracious mentoring and guidance by Microsoft AI & IoT Labs. Plus, this was the very location where Mr. Leo Lin auspiciously launched their “1st year Anniversary” collaborative achievements project — a Microsoft Azure Sphere-based trusted IoT solution with support and praise from local Business leaders and experts in the industry.
  2. recently completed a new round of financing jointly invested by Longwin Capital and WanXiang Blockchain. Besides, Fosun Group’s co-founder Mr. XinJun Liang has confirmed to serve as the strategic advisor of The funds raised in this round will be mainly used in two areas: the continuous technological product innovation of the BoAT blockchain application framework solution, and to spur on more trials of blockchain applications with BoAT framework into vertical use cases. is experienced in piloting blockchain application scenarios in the 5G IoT era and extremely skilled at maturing partnerships to promote the Blockchain IoT Module Alliance ecosystem formation.

✨Horseman GO

Project Progress:

1. Added the setting of fatigue value. When horses are in training or racing, the fatigue value will increase and can be recovered by bathing in hot spring;

2. Added the setting of mood. Mood varies depending on fatigue value, and has an influence on horses’ attributes when they are in racing;

3. Added the transport vehicles, which should be a must when horses participate in PVP races. Transport vehicle renting is available;

4. Added the Handicap rules. When horses participate in the races of which the ratings are lower than the horses themselves, the load-bearing will increase to balance attributes;

5. Added the backpack feature. The breeding rights, skill books and medicaments can be checked from the backpack;

6. Added the fatigue rejuvenation medicament, which can help rejuvenate horses.

7. Added energy medicament for the horses that win the last reward box from daily exclusive red packet and daily tasks;

8. Optimized the profile panel;

9. Optimized the Hot Spring feature to be Fatigue Rejuvenation;

10. Optimized the Gold Coin consumption of bathing in hot spring;

11. Optimized the curve formula to make it smoother for horses to slow down when they enter into the curve;

12. Optimized the limits to gate and intelligence of Rating Championship;

13. Optimized the tactics algorithms of some races to enable the races to work better;

14. Optimized the daily increase time of horses to be 0:00:00

15. Optimized the retirement age of horses to be 15-year-old;

16. Optimized the stamina status of horses when starting the races to be 100%;

17. Optimized the stamina consumption of horses in racing. When the stamina is 0, the attributes of horses will get reduced to the great extent when they are in races;

18. Optimized the required daily hot spring times to be 3 times according to the modification of fatigue,


1. On Jun.1, 2020, Horseman GO launched its Children’s Day campaign with Foal Championship for all 2-year-old horses only. Plus, Horseman GO prepared special offers for all players.

2. On Jun.9, 2020, Horseman GO milestone version is upgraded, mainly solved the balance adjustment between retention of new registered players and the race details to make the races more versatile and competitive.



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