PlatON has successfully launched the mainnet in front of community contributors and users on April 30th. With the mission to build a decentralized collaborative AI network and a global brain, promoting the democratization of AI, and establishing a secure universal AI system, the team has embarked on a new journey with its partners.

PlatON and Mask Network has reached comprehensive cooperation and has been working closely in the fields of brand marketing, ecosystem development, and technology application, bringing lots of practical and novel products and services to users, and promoted the sustainable development of blockchain privacy computing industry. …

PlatON always likes bringing the tech insight and latest innovation to all concerned. Therefore, our CTO, James Qu, joined Incrypted Asia 2021 on April 30th, sharing his view into blockchain finance and privacy.

Campaign time

Submission period: May 1, 0:00 to May 5, 24:00 (GMT+8)

Award verification period: May 6 to May 15

Award announcement period: May 16 to May 20

Award distribution time: May 30

Campaign Details

Make a transfer during the campaign time and the prize will be drawn based on the hash of the transfer transaction.


During the campaign time period, all the LAT transfer that meets the requirements will be awarded to the address where the LAT is accepted. All winning addresses will share the 10,000 LAT prize.

HOW to Get the LAT ?

We have issued 0.427 LAT to all addresses that have won in previous campaigns (including…

At 12:29 on April 30, 2021, Singapore time, PlatON, a privacy-preserving AI network, has received 731 votes among a total of 907 for its mainnet launch, and gained permission from the community with a support rate of 80 .60%. According to the PlatON mainnet release process, the current pre-deployed network has officially become the mainnet since the support rate already exceeds 50%.

For the sake of decentralization, to make all nodes validators at the same time, the PlatON network will officially open access to the mainnet for all nodes synchronously only after making sure they have installed and deployed the…

PlatON is excited to announce the new strategic partnership established with Zilliqa, a public blockchain platform that specializes in sharding tech development.

About Zilliqa:

Globally known for its implementation of sharding, Zilliqa officially established a Chinese office in April 2021. With its brand-new strategy of DeFi and NFT, the team is vivid in top social media. From the release of the MBO champion series to the queue of Champions League players, all can be found on Zilliqa’s Twitter.

Global Community Collaboration

Zilliqa owns a huge and powerful global community network, the two parties will jointly launch more and more imaginative creation plans to the communities…

On April 28th, 2021, an AMA session was broadcasted live on PlatON’s channel, featuring our CTO, Mr. James Qu, and CEO of WePiggy, Mr. Ron. Together we discussed the partnership between PlatON and WePiggy as well as our DeFi visions and collaboration for the PlatON ecosystem.

Both teams received so many interesting questions from the community about our development plan, vision and the future of the DeFi privacy ecosystem. Thank you so much for supporting our AMA. Now let us enjoy the recap!

Part 1. Questions from the host

Q1. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us what makes you to join the blockchain industry?

Since the pre-deployment network of the PlatON Mainnet went live on April 25, a rigorous final review and acceptance process is underway, while the distribution of NFT ballots to community contributors eligible for voting has been completed.

To ensure the correctness of all user wallet addresses, a number of 0.427LAT were issued to each existing wallet address in the pre-deployment network at 16:32 Singapore time on April 27 for users to validate the private key corresponding to the wallet address and verify the transfer function of the ATON Wallet.

At the request of community contributors, they can start voting as…

PlatON CTO James Qu attended a great AMA tonight in CryptoRoyals Community. Sharing the highlights with you!

Part 1 Intro:

Q1: Can you please introduce yourself as well as PlatON?

James: Well, PlatON is open-sourced, community-based, blockchain ecosystem, which aims at serving as the infrastructure for privacy-preserving AI network and distributed economies.

In another word, PlatON plans to redefine the business model by protecting data privacy, it provides an infrastructure to solve data-related critical business problems. Also beyond that if we view it as data sovereignty protection

After years of researches and development, we’ve already been a top player in the global privacy-preserving computation field. …

LAT/aLAT holders who have voting eligibility (balance more than 2000) can vote for PlatON Mainnet launch by sending the NTF Token [Vote] to a specific address.

Before the voting starts, each eligible PlatON Mainnet LAT address will receive an NFT Token [Vote], which means one address, one vote.

All NFT Tokens [Vote] will be burnt after the end of voting, and we will send an NFT badge commemorating the launch of PlatON Mainnet to each address that participated in the voting to express our gratitude for your support.

Overview of the voting process:

You’ll find an NFT token [Vote] in “Collectibles” in your LAT wallet…

At 12:29 on April 25, 2021, Singapore time, the genesis block of the pre-deployed network of PlatON, a privacy-preserving AI network, was generated and started to produce blocks smoothly. This marks the start of the official launch of the PlatON mainnet.

Guided by the basic operating mode of decentralization, the PlatON mainnet release will be strictly led and promoted by the community. It will be officially released only after the pre-deployed network passes the community acceptance and voting.

After the release, the pre-deployed network will undergo internal final review and initial allocation of LAT in phases. At the same time…

PlatON Network

PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.

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