AllinpayIntl, Dtcpay and PlatON jointly launch a digital currency payment system based on smart terminals

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3 min readNov 4, 2023

PlatON, the digital public infrastructure, has officially established a partnership with Tonghua International (AllinpayIntl), a digital currency payment service provider Dtcpay, to jointly develop and launch a digital currency payment system based on smart terminals. This new system will support USDT, ETH, BTC and other mainstream digital currencies, providing global users with faster, more economical and safer payment experience.

The launch of this new system will enable partners and merchants to accept both fiat and digital currency payments, helping merchants expand their business scope, attract more young consumers, and significantly improve their operational efficiency and digitalization level.

Dtcpay, as a digital currency licensed institution, will provide digital currency and fiat currency exchange services, as well as digital currency acquiring conversion functions. PlatON, as the technical support partner of this cooperation, will build the underlying technical platform for this payment system, and provide efficient, secure and scalable infrastructure and professional technical services through its advanced privacy computing and blockchain technology advantages. AllinpayIntl will output smart terminals or online aggregate payment interfaces for online and offline cooperative merchants, connect digital currency payment capabilities, provide users with convenient transactions that are no different from traditional payments, and provide merchants with a new experience of crossing from traditional payments to web3 payments.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with PlatON and Dtcpay, the industry leaders.” A senior spokesperson of Tonghua International said, “This cooperation will not only promote the development of digital currency payment, but also help merchants better adapt to the modern payment trend and meet the needs of young consumers.”

This cooperation marks the deep cooperation of the three parties in the field of Web3 payment, and also heralds the arrival of a new era in the digital payment field, looking forward to bringing unprecedented payment experience to global customers.

AllinpayIntl is an international financial payment company, committed to providing diversified payment solutions and digital financial technology services for global merchants and customers. The company’s business covers aggregate payment, global account, international remittance, currency exchange and so on. The company focuses on building a business system with payment + account products as the core, financial services + technology scenario output as the auxiliary, and providing payment + exchange services for digital currency scenarios with the help of the qualifications of cooperative licensed institutions.

Dtcpay is a major payment institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and fully regulated to provide digital payment services under the Payment Services Act (PSA), providing digital currency and fiat currency exchange services, helping individuals and businesses to seamlessly and efficiently transfer value.

PlatON is an open financial infrastructure with privacy computing as its technical feature, initiated and promoted by LatticeX Foundation, committed to becoming the main blockchain platform for the Web3 era, providing financial-level system stability and performance, privacy computing-enhanced compliant digital asset management, multi-scenario-oriented secret payment clearing solutions, and smooth and friendly user experience for various types of Web3 native applications, as well as applications and users migrating from Web2 to Web3.



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