Announcement | PlatON Validator Incentive Program

PlatON officially launches the “PlatON Validator Incentive Program” for mainnet validators today. Based on the validators’ contribution to the PlatON mainnet, node reliability and stability evaluation, the program will give eligible validators rewards for their long-term contributions and stable operation, with a focus on nodes generating more blocks, staking more coins, and operating stably for a long time.

This incentive program is tentatively scheduled to run in three phases (for one year), with a total reward amount of 4,000,000 LAT in the first phase. The rewards for the later phases will be adjusted according to the ecosystem development. The LatticeX Foundation will announce the winning validators and the rewards in the LatticeX Foundation forum within one week after the deadline for each evaluation, and the rewards will be distributed within 10 days after the announcement.


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