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The first ZK Camp is recruiting participants!

From June 22 to July 6, 2022, users around the world can sign up for PrivacyIN’s first ZK Camp, which is committed to the institution’s original goal of preaching privacy-preserving technologies. The lectures will last from July 8 to August 12 (one lecture per week). No more than 20 students will be accepted for small-class tutoring. The requirements of the students are as follows:

  • With at least 10 hours available for the course per week
  • Familiar with basic cryptographic protocols, or proficient in programming languages such as Rust, Golang, and Solidity
  • Complete preparation tasks before class, including reading classic papers and researching engineering projects
  • Submit code assignments after each lesson
  • Demonstrate course design and share codes

Check out the lecture schedule of the Camp!

PrivacyIN’s first developer course on privacy preservation will focus on the introduction to the theoretical development of ZK and the related engineering and development practice. The course covers the following lectures:

  • Basics of ZK Cryptography & Research Overview
  • Basic Principles of the Classic ZK Protocol (Groth16 Plonk Stark)
  • Introduction to the Application of ZK Circuits (L2/ZKEVM, ZK privacy-preserving circuits)
  • ZK Hands-on
  • Submission and Presentation of Graduation Projects


The first ZK Camp will feature, Dr. Yupeng Zhang, Dr. Siyuan Han, and the senior engineer Kelvin Wong.

Join the Camp now to master ZK!

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