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The first ZK Camp is recruiting participants!

  • With at least 10 hours available for the course per week
  • Familiar with basic cryptographic protocols, or proficient in programming languages such as Rust, Golang, and Solidity
  • Complete preparation tasks before class, including reading classic papers and researching engineering projects
  • Submit code assignments after each lesson
  • Demonstrate course design and share codes

Check out the lecture schedule of the Camp!

  • Basics of ZK Cryptography & Research Overview
  • Basic Principles of the Classic ZK Protocol (Groth16 Plonk Stark)
  • Introduction to the Application of ZK Circuits (L2/ZKEVM, ZK privacy-preserving circuits)
  • ZK Hands-on
  • Submission and Presentation of Graduation Projects


Join the Camp now to master ZK!



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