[Guest Profile] Angus Chiu, Co-founder of TXNHUB, to attend Global Payment in Web3

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Angus Chiu, Co-founder of TXNHUB,has confirmed that he will attend the “Global Payment in Web3” forum hosted by PlatON, a digital public infrastructure, on the afternoon of April 13, 2023, and deliver a keynote speech titled “TXNHUB — Building a Transaction Hub for Web 2.0 and Web 3.0”.

Angus Chiu has more than 20 years’ experience in Tech, Payment and FinTech industries and currently serving as CEO of a Payment technology company MineSec and co-founding member of Web3 solution company TXNHUB. Angus graduated from University of Hong Kong with a Master degree of Business Management and engineering degrees in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with strong technology and business combined background. Angus envisions digital payment inclusion through innovations.

TXNHUB was founded in Hong Kong with the focus on participating and contributing on Hong Kong Web3 hub. TXNHUB’s business is focus on building and Fintech solutions that can bride Web2 and Web3. Depend on company’s existing strong merchant engagement (Payment, Rewards, etc.) from Web2, TXNHUB is leveraging Web3 solutions to build enhanced, safer, and more powerful fintech solutions to facilitate the two eco-systems. Currently, TXNHUB has connected to more than 1000 global key merchants worldwide.

TXNHUB team is from Google, Ant Financial, NVidia and EY Parthenon with average 15 years working experience. Education level, the key members are from Peking University, Northwestern University (Kellogg), Georgia Institute of Technology, Cornell University and The Hong Kong University.

Currently, TXNHUB has reached a strategic partnership with the digital public infrastructure PlatON. TXNHUB will support the PlatON ecosystem and in the future, both parties will integrate their respective resources and technological advantages to deepen cooperation in areas such as digital payments, blockchain technology innovation applications, data security, etc., jointly promoting the development and application of blockchain technology.

About “Global Payment in Web3” Forum:

With the rapid development of blockchain technology and digital economy, blockchain payment, as an emerging payment method, has stimulated wide attention and research efforts. While bringing revolutionary changes to the global payment system, blockchain payment has also injected great vitality into the financial industry. Globally, blockchain payment has been widely used in fields including cross-border payment, and is becoming a major driving force for the digital economy.

Global Payment in Web 3, a major sub-event of the Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023, has invited big-name guests from around the world to share their research results and good practices and discuss the technical challenges, business models, compliance and other related issues of payment in Web3. Through thought-provoking discussions between guests from different backgrounds such as the banking industry, acquiring institutions, issuing institutions, and the gaming industry, the forum will explore whether new payment standards based on blockchain ledgers and Payment Tokens will transform our definition of “money”.

For more details, please visit www.web3festival.org.



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