imToken announces support for PlatON network, joining hands to build Web3.0 Payment Ecosystem

PlatON Network
2 min readAug 29, 2023

PlatON, a digital public infrastructure platform, announced a collaboration with imToken, a globally renowned digital wallet. imToken will fully support PlatON network, joining hands to build the Web3.0 Payment ecosystem. This cooperation will bring a more convenient and secure Digital Payment experience for users, and promote the widespread application of blockchain technology in finance.

PlatON has been focusing on privacy protection and scalability, committed to providing efficient and secure open financial infrastructure for global users. imToken is a simple and easy-to-use decentralized digital wallet, which has provided secure and reliable multi-chain digital asset management services for more than 15 million users, aiming to enable more people to access the Web3.0 ecosystem equally and freely.

This will deepen the collaboration between the two parties in the field of decentralized finance, creating more convenience for users. Users can now easily add, display, and manage assets on PlatON network on imToken. imToken also added support for the PlatON DApp ecosystem in its built-in browser, allowing users to access and use various decentralized applications on PlatON network directly in the imToken wallet. In the future, the two parties will also carry out in-depth cooperation in areas such as Stablecoins.

One of the core goals of this cooperation is to promote the development of Web 3.0 Payment ecosystem. As blockchain technology continues to mature, Web3.0 is gradually becoming the future trend of the digital economy. By integrating PlatON’s privacy protection technology and imToken’s convenient Payment function, the two parties will jointly build a more secure, efficient, and open Payment ecosystem, meeting the growing demand of users for Digital Payment.

This cooperation also reflects the common vision of PlatON and imToken in promoting digital economy innovation and building a trustworthy financial ecosystem. We look forward to PlatON and imToken bringing more value and experience to users, jointly promoting the innovation and popularization of blockchain technology, and contributing to the development of the digital economy.

About PlatON

PlatON is an open financial infrastructure with privacy-preserving computation as its technical feature. Initiated and promoted by LatticeX Foundation, PlatON aims to become a major blockchain platform in the era of Web 3. It secures stability and performance on a par with that of the financial system, and provides privacy-enhanced compliant digital asset management, multi-scenario encrypted payment and settlement solutions, as well as smooth and user-friendly experience for various types of Web3 native applications and applications/users migrating from Web2 to Web3.

About imToken

imToken is a decentralized digital wallet that carries crypto assets, identity and data in the digital world. Founded in 2016, imToken has provided secure and reliable digital asset management services for more than 15 million users in over 150 countries and regions.



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