LatticeX Foundation Launched the Multi-round Incentives and Compensations for Participants Get Involved in Alaya Asset Cross-chain System

In order to ensure the absolute security and performance of Alaya asset cross-chain system through multi-dimensional tests, LatticeX Foundation, as the supporter and advocate of Alaya network, launched the multi-round incentive and compensation campaigns to all users who experience and get involved in the cross-chain system.

Supported cross-chain Ethereum assets: ETH and USDT, more assets will be added in soon.

aETH Compensation Rules:

1. Once the cross-chain ETH or USDT reaches 100 USDT (based on last day’s closing price), the user will get the equivalent aETH compensation the same as the cross-chain service fee (the first approved USDT transaction is excluded);

2. The total aETH compensation pool is 100 aETH.

Note: the gasprice of cross-chain transaction can’t exceed 117Gwei, otherwise, the compensation will be processed according to 117Gwei.

ATP Release Rules:

1. if the ETH address is confirmed to initiate the cross-chain transaction for the first time, and the cross-chain asset reaches 10 USD (based on last day’s closing price), the cross-chain system will send 1 ATP as the reward to the corresponding receiving Alaya address after the cross-chain transaction is completed successfully.

2. The total ATP release pool is 10K ATP

Note: If users initiate the withdraw of Ethereum cross-chain assets from Alaya network to Ethereum, Alaya cross-chain contract will deduct the related withdraw service fee and put it into Alaya cross-chain contract.

About the Service Fee of Cross-chain Withdraw

Each aETH cross-chain withdraw requires 0.006 aETH as the withdraw service fee, while each aUSDT cross-chain withdraw requires 5 aUSDT as the withdraw service fee.