Lilin Sun, the Founder of PlatON, was invited to give a speech on the 4th Global Blockchain Summit to discuss blockchain and privacy protection

On September 12, 2018, the 4th Global Blockchain Summit, hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, entered the second day of the agenda. Sun was invited to attend the roundtable forum to discuss the hot topic of blockchain and privacy protection after the wonderful speech on “Trustless computing-Next Generation Computing Architecture” on the first day of the summit.

The roundtable forum was hosted by David Lee, a professor of Singapore University of Social Sciences, and participated in the roundtable discussion with Lilin Sun, the Found of PlatON. Wei Li, the CEO of HyperChain, Liz Steininger, the CEO of Least Authority, and Edwin Song, the Chief Product Manager of Microsoft China Cloud Computing Innovation Center and so on.

“Data, like gold, has no value if locked in a safety box. It can be used to create and reflect value when it flows in the market.” Sun said that blockchain can make data flow freely, but with the condition that people pay more and more attention to privacy., data privacy also must be effectively protected.

How to protect data privacy while allowing data to be freely shared and generating value? PlatON has been researching and promoting MPC to solve this problem. By deploying the MPC, each participant can jointly compute the given algorithm to obtain the desired result, so that the local data is not collected and the privacy is not leaked, thereby completing the whole data describing.

Lilin Sun pointed out that with the hype of blockchain, there are more and more researches on the use of cryptography to solve the privacy protection of blockchain, especially in MPC. However, academic research is different from engineering practice are at different levels. And it cannot compared to the difficulties faced by engineering practice.

The PlatON team has been developing and applying MPC for more than two years. Currently, the general two-party computing architecture has been implemented. It is expected that a complete general three-party computing architecture will be built and commercialized next year.

When the MPC can be commercialized on a large scale, how long will the blockchain privacy protection be realized? Lilin Sun said: “At present, the blockchain infrastructure is still not perfect, and it is expected that it will take about 5 years.”



PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.

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PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.