PlatON 2nd Smart Contract Event, Galaxy Gate — Bug Hunting with 5W LAT is Coming!

After PlatON Galaxy Gate — Head Beach, the first PlatON smart contract event focusing on smart contract compiling, dropped it’s curtain successfully, PlatON Galaxy Gate — Bug Hunting, the second event that enhances users’ smart contract capacity by finding out vulnerabilities from PlatON smart contract and debugging will be launched with 5W LAT in the bonus pool on June.9, 2020.

Time Duration:

From Jun.9, 2020, 14:00 to Jun. 18, 2020, 14:00 (GMT+8)


Find the vulnerabilities from the smart contract in the specific repository of PlatON Github, then fix one or more vulnerabilities during the event time duration and submit the fixed smart contracts over email to:

* Note:

1. There will be bugs in each smart contract such as grammatical programming mistakes, API application issues, etc;

2. Participants are not allowed to fix the bugs by modifying the original functions, or deleting the codes with issues;

3. Participants are not allowed to change the method names, parameters, returned values, etc. in the original smart contracts;

4. The Github repository for this bug event will be unpacked later.


1. According to the time sequence of submissions, the top 10 participants who successfully fixed all vulnerabilities, each of them will be rewarded with 3000 LAT.

2. After the top 10 winners, each participant will get 100 LAT per debugging.

3. The are 5W LAT totally in the bonus pool, all winners finish tasks to get their shares. That is to say, there are limited winner seats, first come first serve.

How to Join:

After finding out the vulnerabilities from the smart contracts in the specific repository of PlatON Github, and fixing them, submit the debugging file via:

Option 1: Submit the required info to over email:

* The debugging file, submitted as attachment

* A valid ATON wallet address to receive reward

* Your WeChat ID (for contact, not mandatory)

* Github user name

Option 2: Submit the issues with the specific format:

* Issue Title: PlatON Galaxy Gate — Bug Hunting — user name

* Issue: the screenshot that indicates you finished the tasks with the addresses of sender and recipient, and timestamp shown as follows:

Note: each participant with sole WeChat ID/Github user name/ email address can participate the bug event once.


Join PlatON Official Community for any instant updates and guides from both PlatON team and community members:


1. Smart contract documentations

* EVM:


2. SDK documentations:

* Java EVM:

* Java WASM:

* JS:

3. Tools

* platon-truffle:

generate CDT, solc, for compiling WASM contract and EVM contract. It supports release smart contract call:


* PlatON_CDT

Compile WASM contract, download it via:

* solc:

Compile EVM smart contract, get the documentation to help you in this campaign:

Note: If you use platon-truffle or JS sdk to call WASM contract, remove 0x if the smart contract methods include Address class.



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