PlatON and NETDRAGON WEBSOFT (HONG KONG) LIMITED explore cooperation in the Web3 field

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3 min readOct 9, 2023

PlatON, the digital public infrastructure, announced that it will explore cooperation in the Web3 field with NETDRAGON WEBSOFT (HONG KONG) LIMITED, a Hong Kong-based company, including decentralized game economy ecology, NFT minting and issuance, etc., to bring more freedom, more security and more fun to global users.

In this cooperation, the two parties will jointly explore cooperation on the development and operation of Web3 global games, introducing Web3 payment, decentralized game economy ecology, etc. on the basis of the original games. PlatON will provide professional technical services and advanced solutions, and provide a bridge for Web2 game users to enter the Web3 world; PlatON wallet plug-in will also be embedded in the blockchain games, providing users with more secure and convenient payment services.

As we all know, Web2 games have brought countless fun to people in the past few decades. Combining PlatON’s Web3 technology, NetDragon Hong Kong will inject new elements into global games, such as decentralized asset ownership, free and secure digital asset services, etc., which can bring players a more secure, fair, free and inclusive gaming experience upgrade and innovative economic model. This is also the original intention of NetDragon Hong Kong’s cooperation with PlatON. Through PlatON’s advanced privacy computing and blockchain solutions, combined with NetDragon Hong Kong’s mature game development and operation experience, they will inject new vitality into the games and jointly create a prosperous and active game ecology.

NETDRAGON WEBSOFT (HONG KONG) LIMITED said: “We are confident in our cooperation with PlatON. By integrating PlatON’s advanced technology, we are confident to create a new game world for players, where every player can enjoy an unprecedented gaming experience.”

The head of PlatON ecosystem said: “We are very pleased to explore cooperation in the Web3 field with NetDragon Hong Kong. This is a good start, and we will work together to promote innovation, enhance user experience, and fully unleash the potential of Web3 games. PlatON has been committed to bringing more advanced, efficient and secure solutions to the blockchain industry, and this cooperation will further consolidate our technical advantages in the gaming field.”

NETDRAGON WEBSOFT (HONG KONG) LIMITED, a game company funded by the well-known game developer NetDragon, has exclusive licenses for several high-quality game IPs, which have generated tens of billions of historical revenue. The core team of the company comes from top game companies and Web3 veterans such as NetDragon, Tencent, Youzu, NetEase, ByteDance, Bybit, etc. Relying on high-quality game IPs and decades of game development and operation experience, NetDragon Hong Kong will be committed to exploring innovative global game design and technology research and development, providing Web2 game users with convenient Web3 entry experience and secure, efficient and diversified IP asset services, and ultimately providing the most interesting high-quality IP games and the best Web3 gaming experience for the widest range of global game users.

PlatON is an open financial infrastructure with privacy computing as its technical feature, initiated and promoted by the LatticeX Foundation, committed to becoming the main blockchain platform for the Web3 generation, providing financial-level system stability and performance, privacy computing-enhanced compliant digital asset management, multi-scenario encrypted payment and settlement solutions, and smooth and friendly user experience for various types of Web3 native applications, as well as applications and users migrating from Web2 to Web3.



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