PlatON Announced Its Browser Plugin Samurai and Enabled Alaya (ATP) Management

On Dec.2, 2020, PlatON launched its browser plugin Samurai that serves as the crypto wallet and gateway. Samurai enables users to manage their assets on Alaya network painlessly by adding it onto the browser extensions. It provides the portal that connects to crypto wallets, and can call window.alaya interface as the provider of Web 3’s objects, offering convenient and superior wallet services for all DApps and optimizing the key capabilities of infrastructure.


Samurai were the hereditary military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan. It represents the honesty and faith culture, and the Samurai warriors safeguard and show their allegiance to their lord.

Just like the warrior culture, PlatON’s Samurai will put user’s asset security as the first top priority, and provide complete asset management services.


Samurai 8.0.10 (the initial Samurai) fits Alaya network first with the features shown as follows:

1. Supported wallet creation and import;

2. Added ARC20 token on Alaya;

3. Enabled checking the balance and transaction records of ATP and ARC20 token;

4. Supported the transfer between ATP and ARC20 token;

5. Supported adding and managing contact book

Samurai 8.0.10 can satisfy different requirements of crypto wallet, and are a good fit and verification for distributed financial applications that will be released on Alaya network in the near future.

Download and experience it now:

For the user guide of Samurai, please check:

About PlatON

PlatON is a blockchain-based infrastructure for the future-oriented privacy computation and distributed economy. It aims to facilitate secure, seamless, and open data sharing for the public good with the combination of blockchain and leading cryptographic technologies. Through its Privacy-Preserving Computation (PPC), PlatON breaks down data silos and enables secure data exchange and collaborative computing for both individuals and enterprise users. With its open-source data marketplace, PlatON supports and incentivises individuals and businesses looking to both monetize and utilize data resources. PlatON addresses limitations in scalability and security by way of Verifiable Computation and privacy-preserving encryption capabilities, currently enabling real-world usability across a variety of global industries, including advertising, healthcare data management, IoT and decentralized AI, financial services, as well as key management systems.

About Alaya

Alaya is a business sandbox and testing field for the next-generation of financial infrastructure of PlatON, a global data asset computing infrastructure with cutting-edge privacy-preserving architecture. While Alaya and PlatON share the almost identical underlying technology, they maintain their respective degrees of openness and independent activities. Despite sharing the same vision and ideas, their evolution paths and specializations differ.