[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 05.01–05.15] PlatON Mainnet Operates Smoothly

PlatON is the infrastructure of the privacy computing network and distributed economy. As a high-performance distributed computing network that focuses on scalability and privacy protection, PlatON aims to be the next generation of computing architecture assembled by cryptographic algorithms such as verifiable computing, secure multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proof, and homomorphic encryption, providing public infrastructure software development, consulting, and operation services under an open source architecture for global artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed application developers, data providers, as well as various communities, institutions, and individuals with computing needs. At present, PlatON technology has been applied in multiple fields such as medical treatment, credit investigation, advertising, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), payment and settlement, and key management.

🪐Technological Advances

PlatON mainnet has been launched and operated smoothly, and the subsequent version is also in development. Here are the details:

  1. The mobile wallet ATON is collecting the community needs for next versions, and has begun the design and development of ATON 1.0.2 , which focuses on the optimization and remaining problems as follows:
  • Adjusted the digital fonts to monospace fonts to ensure that all addresses with the same length look the same in length;
  • Added a transaction record entry on the collection page of the 721 contract (for example: badge assets), so users can view the record after the collection is sent. The latest transactions in the collection are reserved;
  • Users can set hidden balance;
  • Uniformed the length of the private key.

2. The blockchain browser PlatScan version 1.0.2 is under development, which mainly solves the following problems:

  • Optimized Chinese and English content;
  • Optimized penalty order for zero block production nodes, sorted according to lock time;
  • Optimized the list UI, and adjusted the width to fit the content;
  • Fixed contract compatibility issues by validating the contract entry fields;
  • Optimized the link, which should jump to the corresponding address, to the current address for contract transactions;
  • Optimized the calculation method for the proportion of 721 contract holders;
  • Optimized the calculation formulas for circulation and supply.

3. The pre-research for ATON/PlatScan privacy token needs is in progress and supposed to be completed this month and get the related design work started.

4. The new version of PlatON’s official website and PlatON’s main net is launched at the same time.

Besides the above needs, AlayaScan/ATON will launch the Cola Traverser Badge collection this month to celebrate the launch of the PlatON mainnet.

PlatON peripheral products version 1.0.2 is completed and it is planned to be launched in May-June.

🪐News Report

👉 PlatON and Mask Network Reaches In-depth Partnership

On April 30th, PlatON has successfully launched the mainnet in front of community contributors and users. With the mission to build a decentralized collaborative AI network and a global brain, promoting the democratization of AI, and establishing a secure universal AI system, the team has embarked on a new journey with its partners.

PlatON and Mask Network has reached comprehensive cooperation and has been working closely in the fields of brand marketing, ecosystem development, and technology application, bringing lots of practical and novel products and services to users, and promoted the sustainable development of blockchain privacy computing industry. By now, the two parties have achieved fruitful results in cryptography research, infrastructure construction, and marketing promotion. More details:

🪐Ecosystem Developments



§ 8.1.0 supports multiple network switching versions and completes the development of optimized items

Privacy DEX V1.0:

§ MPC ceremony for zk-snarks setup completed a round of function testing, and bug fixes have been completed and regression verification is in progress;

Privacy DEX V2.0:

§ EVM calls the WASM tool debuggingcompleted;

§ BLS verification contract has been developed and is being debugged;

§ Merkletree hash algorithm is being integrated.


  1. PlatON and Polka cross-chain platform PlatDot

Progress: The cross-chain test with Alaya has been completed. The first phase of the deliverable review and acceptance is planned for next week. The Alaya deployment plan and the recruitment of multi-signature validators are also about to begin.

2. Solidity smart contract development IDE supports multi-platform graphics

Progress: Entered the overall test and acceptance phase and completed 2 full tests, and the test problems are being repaired. It will be open to the outside world soon, please stay tuned.

3. PlatEye blockchain Explorer

Progress: Completed the development of on-chain information monitoring and analysis functions such as the node list, node details, block transactions, and lock positions in Milestone 2, and the acceptance has been applied for, and the community acceptance volunteers are being recruited.

4. Lato-NFT that supports threshold signature and NFT auction

Progress: Completed the optimization of business process, prototype, UI and threshold signature function, and the optimized function is now being tested and is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

5. PlatON-CLI Java version

Progress: The development of the second phase is completed, which mainly includes functions such as wallet management, lock-up module, and basic chain query. It is planned to be submitted to the community for testing next week.

Project Repository:https://github.com/aviland/platoncli-java/tree/develop

6. PlatON Ruby SDK

Progress: The main functions including wallet management module, basic chain information query, EVM, transfer, stake, commission, governance, lock-up and other related modules have all been developed, and the test report is planned to be submitted next week.

Project Repository:https://github.com/viaNull/client-sdk-ruby

7. PlatON Go SDK

Progress: The second phase of development has been completed. Account creation and management-related functions, transaction signatures and transaction chaining have been implemented. Acceptance testing is planned next week.

Project Repository:https://github.com/aviland/platoncli-java/tree/develop/

8. AMM based on ZK-Rollups+Privacy Dex in Order Book Form:QinGahSwap

The contract algorithm logic is being improved by 30%. The conduct front-end and contract joint debugging are planned next week.

9. Synthetic Asset Project: Pumo

Progress: Completed the development of the front-end, Token casting, debt system, and clearing module. It is planned to complete the demo of supports ATP and aETH collateral to synthesize stable tokens by the end of this month.

— aitos.io —


  • On May 12, 2021, aitos.io, together with industry partners such as Unisoc, CTTL-Terminals and ArmChina, announced the world’s first software and hardware integrated IoT trusted data on-chain solution which certificated by PSA security certification. The solution is based on the world’s first NB-IoT chip platform V8811 that has passed PSA security certification by Unisoc, and integrates aitos.io’s world’s first blockchain application framework middleware BoAT (Blockchain of AI Things) that has passed PSA security certification.
  • From April 28 to 30, 2021, the IEEE Computer Society Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards Committee (hereinafter referred to as BDL SC) 2021 plenary & P3200 WG Meeting was successfully held in Suzhou, aitos.io CTO Xu Gang was invited to participate and fully communicated with more than 70 representatives from 49 institutions during the three-day meeting to help build an ecosystem of IoT + blockchain.




PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.

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PlatON Network

PlatON Network

PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.

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