PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, 11.1–15, 2020

Project Progress

Supporting Tools

Completed the development of ATON 0.13.4, which was launched on Nov.11, 2020. The update details of ATON 0.13.4 are shown as follows:

1. Supported the transfer of ARC 20;

2. Fixed the bug that the rankings of validators behind top 100 show the decimal point;

3. Fixed the bug that when delegators try to delegate or claim the rewards on the Delegation interface, ATON keeps loading;

Reward Redemption

1. Completed the development and test of the updated reward redemption system, which was launched on Nov.5, 2020;

2. Completed the development and test of aLAT redemption, which was deployed on Alaya network and enabled the transfer on Nov.9, 2020.


1. PlatON Lauched the Reward Redemption System for All LAT Winners Get Involved in PlatON Galaxy Rally

On Nov.5, 2020, PlatON launched the reward redemption system. All LAT holders who won rewards in all events during PlatON Galaxy Rally can redeem their rewards to equivalent aLAT.

2. PlatON’s Latest Cryptography Achievement on LEAF Has Been Approved by ACM CCS 2020

In early November 2020, PlatON announced to sponsor ACM CCS 2020, the annual flagship conference that brings together information security researchers, practitioners, developers and users. Moreover, PlatON’s latest achievement on “LEAF: A Faster Secure Algorithm via Localization, Extraction and Reconstruction” has been approved by ACM CCS 2020.


✨ Rosetta

Project Progress:

1. Optimized SecureSigmoid and SecureSigmoidCrossEntropy operators, with descendent communication cost;

2. Completed and verified the memory optimization

3. Fixed some known bugs.

✨ PAI Data Asset Exchange Project

Project Progress:

Completed the development of PAI 0.5.2 with newly added features as follows:

1. The optimization of basic privacy-preserving computation operations;

2. The application to the scenario of data collaboration on the user value identification querying.



  1. The 6th Annual Wanxiang Blockchain International Week came to a successful conclusion, but it still continues to have a great influence on the industry. On Oct.28, 2020, “Internet of Things 3.0 Forum”was held at the W Hotel along Shanghai’s famous Bund waterfront promenade. CEO Leo Lin gave the closing speech titled “ When Blockchain Meets IoT:Building a Trusted IoT Data Infrastructure for Business Innovation”.
  2. On Oct.28, 2020, hosted an exciting dinner party by The Bund in Shanghai, key tech leaders in the IoT and blockchain industries as well as investors attended to discuss the role that blockchain plays in IoT. BoAT helps lead this new journey of IoT 3.0 evolution.

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