PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, 11.16–30, 2020

PlatON Network
3 min readNov 30, 2020

Project Progress

PlatON Network

Completed the development of PlatON 0.14.0, entered into the testing stage. The governance upgrade of Alaya network is expected to start in mid-December 2020. The update details of Alaya are shown as follows:

1. Fixed the issue that users failed to modify the profit allocation of validator

2. Fixed the issue that when the locked amount is too low, there would be potential attack risks when there are lots of lock positions accounts;

3. Fixed the issue that delegation profit users claimed doesn’t match the expected delegation profits;

4. Fixed the underlying badblock issue;

Supporting Tools

1. Developing ATON 0.14.0. Completed the development test, which is expected to be launched in mid-December 2020. The update details of ATON 0.14.0 are shown as follows:

1) Added the threshold of ARC 20 smart contract transfer;

2) Added the feature that when creating and importing wallets, users can tick to add wallet address;

3) Added the feature that users can click to select the wallet on the main interface of ATON;

4) Added the Favorites feature of validators;

5) Fit the underlying chain of PlatON 0.14.0;

6) Added the feature that the punished validators due to zero block production show the locked timestamp and unlocking block height on validator details

2. Developing PlatScan 0.14.0, which is expected to be finished in mid-December 2020. The update details of PlatScan 0.14.0 are shown as follows:

1) Added the unblocking block height in the lists of punished blocks due to zero block production and the historial validators;

2) Added the governable parameters of minumum amount in each lock position interval.

3. Completed the development of MTool 0.14.0, entered into the testing stage, which is expected to be launched in mid-December, 2020. MTool 0.14.0 mainly fits the underlying chain of PlatON 0.14.0 with newly added features like user lock position plan, etc.


1. LatticeX Foundation Announced its 20M ATP Grants Program for the Development of Ecosystem

In Nov.30, 2020, LatticeX Foundation announced its Grants program with 20M ATP for promising projects in both PlatON and Alaya network to incentive the construction of community and ecosystem, and facilitate the development of ecosystem.

2. PlatON Gets Listed on HashKey Hub

In Nov.24, 2020, PlatON announced that Alaya (ATP) has been listed on Hashkey Hub, an one-stop digital asset management platform. Meanwhile, the deposit and withdraw services of ATP are available on HashKey Hub.


✨ Rosetta

Project Progress:

1. Optimized Rosetta’s communication layer to support retry handling mechanism, and GM SSL protocols;

2. Improved Rosetta’s API documents;

3. Fixed some known bugs.


Rosetta Team participated in Shanghai DevFest 2020 Google Developer’s festival, where Dr. Xiang Xie gave a keynote speech titled as “Rosetta, when AI meets cryptography”;

✨ PAI Data Asset Exchange Project

Project Progress:

PAI 0.4.14 is under development and the main new features are as follows:

1. The integration of Rosetta’s collaborative model training and prediction;

2. The optimization of the user experience in the application scenarios.


News: strategically announced the collaboration with Daimler at the Wanxiang Global Blockchain Summit during the 2020 Shanghai Blockchain International Week. advanced a triple-play partnership with Mercedes-Benz StarElite Used Car, Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory, and Juzix to jointly released the MoveX used car residual value management solution.



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