PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, 12.1–15, 2020

Project Progress

PlatON Network

Completed the development of PlatON 0.14.0, entered into the testing stage. The governance upgrade of Alaya network is expected to start in late December. The update details of Alaya are shown as follows:

1. Fixed the issue that users failed to modify the profit allocation of validator;

2. Fixed the issue that when the locked amount is too low, there would be potential attack risks when there are lots of lock positions accounts;

3. Fixed the issue that the delegation profit users claimed doesn’t match the expected delegation profits;

4. Fixed the underlying badblock issue;

Supporting Tools

1. Developing ATON 0.14.1. Completed the development test, which is expected to be launched in late December. The update details of ATON 0.14.1 are shown as follows:

1) Enabled users to set the service fee of delegation and claiming profits;

2) Been compatible with PlatON 0.14.0. If there are more than 20 validators have profits, then only the first 20 validators’ profit can be claimed each time.

2. Developing PlatScan 0.14.0, which is expected to be finished in late December. The update details of PlatScan 0.14.0 are shown as follows:

1) Modified the ranking issue of ARC20 transaction data;

2) Been compatible with PlatON 0.14.0

3. Completed the development of MTool 0.14.0, entered into the testing stage, which is expected to be launched in late December. MTool 0.14.0 mainly fits the underlying chain of PlatON 0.14.0 with newly added features like user lock position plan, etc.


1. Alaya Announced its Cross-chain System Connecting Ethereum to Alaya Network

On Nov.30, 2020, PlatON’s meta network Alaya announced its cross-chain system connecting Ethereum to Alaya network with absolutely high performance, security and low service costs. The cross-chain system is a further step of PlatON that indicates Alaya is moving forward to the distributed finance.

2. LatticeX Foundation Launched the Multi-round Incentives and Compensations for Participants Get Involved in Alaya Aseet Cross-chain System

On Dec.7, 2020, LatticeX Foundation, as the supporter and advocate of Alaya network, launched the multi-round incentive and compensation campaigns with 100K ATP in the bonus pool for all users who experience and get involved in Alaya asset cross-chain system.

3. Alaya Proposed PIP-13 to Seek the Suggestions on Improvements for the Implementation of Privacy Token Contract Standard

On Dec.9, 2020, Alaya proposed its first improvement proposal PIP-13, a standard interface that realizes the privacy token contract to seek the suggestions on improvement for the implementation of privacy token contract standard.

4. PlatON CTO James Qu Discussed the Fast-moving Financial World and the Implications of Blockchains in a Panel of Singapore FinTech Festival 2020

On Dec.8, 2020, PlatON CTO James Qu joined Singapore FinTech Festival 2020, and discussed the fast-moving financial world and the implications of blockchains with HashKey Group Managing Director Chao Deng, and LongHash Ventures CEO Emma Cui in a panel.

5. PlatON’s Safety and Stability on the Consensus Protocol Has Confirmed to Pass Runtime Verification’s Academic-level Scrutiny

On Dec.8, 2020, PlatON’s safety and stability on consensus protocol has confirmed to pass Runtime Verification’s academic-level scrutiny. “We are pleased to work with the team from PlatON, and to build modeling and formalize the numerous aspects of the Giskard protocol through COQ,” said Gregory Russell, Runtime Verification CEO.

6. PlatON Confirmed the Collaboration on Cross-chain Technologies with Cdot Network

On Dec.10, 2020, PlatON confirmed the collaboration on cross-chain technologies with leading cross-chain service provider Cdot Network to provide more diversified asset security, complete and convenient circulation support for the development of privacy distributed financial system.

7. PlatON Launched Its Browser Plugin Samurai and Enabled Alaya (ATP) Management

On Dec.2, 2020, PlatON’s launched its browser plugin Samurai that serves as the crypto wallet and gateway. Samurai enables users to manage their assets on Alaya network by adding it onto the browser extensions, and can call window.alaya interface as the provider of Web 3’s objects, offering convenient and superior wallet services for all DApps and optimizing the key capabilities of infrastructure.

8. PlatON Cli Phase 1 Has Been Open Source for All Developers Worldwide

On Dec.12, 2020, PlatON Cli, its node management tool based on command line has been open sourced for all developers to use, verify and further develop. PlatON team wishes the ensuing iterations of PlatON Cli can be supported and completed with the joint efforts from developers worldwide.


✨ Rosetta

Project Progress:

Launched Rosetta v0.3.0 with the newly added and improved features as shown follows:

1. Support the loading data sources in TensorFlow iterator mode, which greatly reduces the memory usage during data loading;

2. Added multiple logical operators, Sigmoid implementation based on Chebyshev polynomial, and statistics interfaces for communications in python layer;

3. Optimized multiple secure operators, functions and network stability;

4. Added an example protocol Naive protocol, for which back-end developers can refer to this example to quickly complete the integration of the security protocol with Rosetta;

✨ Alaya Asset Cross-chain System

1. Alaya’s unidirectional cross-chain system v1.0 was launched on Dec.7, 2020, supporting the mapping and cross-chain from Ethereum assets (ETH/USDT) to Alaya network, and assets withdraw from Alaya network to Ethereum;

2. Completed the requirement combing and development schedule of Alaya’s bidirectional cross-chain system v2.0, which is expected to enter into the testing stage at the end of December. This version supports the cross-chain from Alaya network to Ethereum with the same logic as the cross-chain from Ethereum to Alaya network. The upgraded Alaya cross-chain smart contract will lock and release functions, and the upgraded Ethereum cross-chain smart contract will cast coins and burn businesses.

✨ Privacy Transaction

1. Launched the PIP-13 proposal to seek the suggestions on improvement from community on Dec.17, 2020;

2. Developing the JAVA SDK of privacy token, which is expected to enter into the testing stage at the end of December;

✨ PAI Data Asset Exchange Project

Project Progress:

The major updates to PAI include:

1. The verification of the applications of Rosetta in the complex network environment;

2. The product design of new business scenarios and functions.



On Dec. 10, 2020, the China IoT Payment Summit 2020 was held in Qingdao. China UnionPay signed the IoT payment cooperation agreement with Haier Smart Home Co.LTD and Haier IoC. The three parties also announced the establishment of Global IoT Payment Joint Innovation Center. Leo Lin, CEO of, was invited to attend the forum and delivered a keynote with the topic “ BoAT: A Trusted Entry for IoT Financial Services.”

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