PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, 5.1–15, 2020

PlatON Network
6 min readMay 15, 2020

Project Progress

PlatON Network

Completed the upgrade of PlatON 0.12.0, mainly adjusted the storage optimization, solved the non-random issue of block production sequence, and optimized the existing code, such as removing the fork logic of PlatON 0.10.0 and PlatON 0.11.0, and the signature logic collection of PlatON 0.9.0.

Supporting Tools:

1. Launched MTool 0.12.0 that is compatible with PlatON 0.12.0;

2. Launched PlatScan 0.12.0 that is compatible with the update of underlying RPC interface and the PlatON 0.12.0 underlying chain on the upgraded PlatON 0.12.0;

3. Launched ATON 0.12.0, mainly adjusted the interface of wallet module, and solved the storage leak issue of ATON Android.


1. PlatON Upgrade its New Baleyworld Test Net to Reset the Whole PlatON Underlying Chain for a More Stable and High-performing Infrastructure

On May 8th, 2020, PlatON 0.12.0 upgrade started to reset the whole PlatON underlying chain for a more stable and high-performing network and infrastructure. Meanwhile, the supporting tools including ATON, PlatScan, etc, have been greatly optimized to the latest v.0.12.0 for more smooth user experience.

2. PlatON Founder and CEO Lilin Sun Unpacked the Role of Privacy-Preserving Computation in COVID-19 Outbreak in His Byline on Sixth Tone

On May 13th, 2020, PlatON Founder and CEO Lilin Sun spoke to Sixth Tone to analyze today’s data collection & disclosure, and the role of privacy-preserving computation in epidemic response and control in China and around the world.

3. Eurocrypt 2020, the 39th Annual International Conference on Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Technologies Sponsored by PlatON Started

On May 11st, 2020, Eurocrypt 2020, the 39th annual international conference on theory and applications of crypotographic techniques started. This is the 2nd consecutive year that PlatON sponsors this flagship conference of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). And the Eurocrypt 2020 is the first Eurocrypt to be run as a virtual conference.

4. PlatON Chief Architect Shenglin Li Shared the Mutual Empowerment of PlatON and Privacy-Preserving Computation in the AMA hosted by PlatON, FinNX and Crypto Valley Jointly

On May 15th, 2020, PlatON hosted an AMA with FinNX and Crypto Valley jointly. PlatON Chief Architect Shenglin Li, as a guest speaker, talked about the mutual empowerment of PlatON and Privacy-preserving computation with Fundamental Labs Managing Partner Howard.

5. PlatON CTO James Qu Share How Blockchain Technology Evolution Facilitate the Industrial Transformation and Upgrade with 武谷论链

On May 15th, 2020, PlatON CTO James Qu, invited as the guest speaker of 武谷论链, gave a sharing on how blockchain technology evolution facilitates the industry transition and upgrade.

6. PlatON Introduced Its Contract Session of Galaxy Rally to Guide All Developers to Approach PlatON EVM and WASM Contract

On May 15th, 2020, PlatON shared the forthcoming contract session of Galaxy Rally to guide all developers to get closer to the compiling, development and application of PlatON contract. Besides, PlatON will launch different contract campaigns with sufficient rewards for all participants.


1. PlatON Launched a New Bounty Program Collaborated with Bounty0x to Enhance its Community

On May 8th, 2020, PlatON launched a bounty program collaborated with bounty0x to enhance its community. The bounty program consists of Twitter bounty and Telegram, and rewards all qualified participants with USDT, LAT, respectively. It will last for 2 months.

2. PlatON Officially Announced the Winners List of the Last Round of Large Community Campaign

On May 1st, 2020, PlatON official announced the winners list of the last round of large community campaign that recruited talents worldwide for a flourish and robust PlatON ecosystem. The winners list includes the winners and contributors on PlatON Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn and Reddit. Please check it via:



Project Progress:

Overall completion progress of Rosetta v0.2.0: 31%

1. Supported binary installation of TensorFlow with Rosetta.

2. Completed the plan of Rosetta v0.2.0.

3. Completed the research and design of customized data type of Rosetta/TensorFlow.

4. Completed the review of initialization that supports multiple back-end privacy-preserving algorithms.

5. Completed the design and implementation of optimized MPC algorithms.


Project Progress:

Completed the development of PAI 0.4.3 with newly added features as follows:

1. Data Asset Market, including viewing, following/unfollowing, purchase the right-of-use of the published assets;

2. Data Asset Management, including adding, updating and viewing the advertising information of the data assets, as well as the management of the followed and purchased assets by the user.

3. Contract Management, including reviewing and signing the sales and purchase agreements.



Shanghai is expected to invest a total of around 270 billion yuan (about 38.1 billion U.S. dollars) in its first batch of 48 major “new infrastructure” projects in the next three years, local authorities said recently. “New infrastructure” refers to digital facilities such as 5G base stations, vehicle charging stations, big data centers, artificial intelligence, industrial internet plus blockchain which will also be regard as an important component of interconnected information technology infrastructure. integrates the BOAT FRAMEWORK blockchain application protocol into various IoT devices and modules to accelerate the commercial application of blockchain technology in above scenarios. Our brand reputation is constantly improving

1. aitos. io was selected as one of the “10 Best 5G applications of the year” in ChinaBang Awards 2020. is listed with its BoAT Framework blockchain application protocol embedded in 5G blockchain IoT module for various industry innovations.

2. On May 8th, 2020 , CEO Leo Lin was invited by Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association and Shanghai IoT Industry Association to give a webcast.“Blockchain unleash 5G IoT devices and business applications”


Project Progress:

In May, Vitu has been developing and testing v 3.1.0, namely platform point system (VITU) and minute-level strategy framework.

VITU will be used to quantify users’ behaviours, including daily log-in, users referral, new strategies/researches/ideas sharing and comments on others users’ replies. You can use VITU to clone strategies/researches from the Community and buy Pro services.

Like day-level strategy framework, minute-level strategy framework will be open source at GitHub. Users could either run a one-line simple code “pip install vitu” at the python environment (python 3.0 is highly recommended), or download the package from and then complete the installation.

Version 3.1.0 is under Development: (90% completed)

1. Completed the development of the platform point system (VITU), entering into the test stage. VITU is expected to go live in May.

2. Developing the invitation event which will be launched along with platform token in May.

3. Developing community management-related functions, including reporting illegal and violent content. This function will be released in May.

4. Preparing the open-source of minute-level strategy framework, which is expected to be completed in May.

🌟Horseman GO

Project Progress:

1. Started Reward Box special offer for all ranchers who participated in the international events;

2. Added the race record and reward history of racehorse;

3. Optimized the reward mechanism of PVP races, and adjusted the reward distribution ratios to be: 50% for the Champion, 30% for the Runner-up, 10% for the Second Runner-up, and the rest winners that enter into the Final share 10% of the total reward;

4. Optimized the settings for several skills and racing tracks to make the skill trigger on the racing tracks when racing more reasonable;

5. Fixed the issue that horses are not able to participate in races due to attribute disqualification, which is resulted from the mistake in checking the added attributes of skill books when registering PVP races.

6. Fixed the issue that players can’t win all reward credits due to task abnormity.


1. On May 1st, Horse Coin Giveaway, EOS sponsored events, Horse Coin Masters, Gold Coin Masters, Online Reward, Community Quiz and Treasure Map Hunting went live to provide special offers for all active ranchers;

2. Horseman GO collaborated with Bitpie to launched the Bitpie horse with exclusive appreance, which can pass on the descendants through breeding.

3. Sponsored events from Starteos, EOSCannon and Math Wallet have dropped its curtain, nine horses including 昔日世界61591, 麒麟, 城中金星20038, etc, win high EOS reward.

4. On May 12st, 2020, Jockey Club Cup is announced, and hosted with EOS as reward each day to motivate ranchers to compete for the champion.



PlatON Network

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