PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, 5.16–31, 2020

Project Progress

PlatON Network

Completed the development of PlatON 0.12.1, which has been launched on the new Baleyworld test net.

1. Fixed the unexpected exit issue when validators work as normal;

2. Fixed the issue that when PlatON network stop producing blocks, the memory overflow of validators occurred because the gas interface has been kept calling.

Supporting Tools:

Completed the development of PlatScan0.12.1, which has been launched on the new Baleyworld test net, mainly fixed the process exit issue due to memory overflow under stress test;

Stress Test Event:

Completed the development of stress test tool (for GO), which has been launched on the new Baleyworld test net for supporting the stress test event.


1. Introducing PlatON Galaxy Gate to Offer a Chance for All Developers to Get Their Hands Dirty with Smart Contract

On May 25th, 2020, PlatON launched Galaxy Gate, the exclusive smart contract session to guide all developers to get closer to WASM smart contract with exclusive training, events, and total 100,000 LAT in the bonus pool.

2. PlatON CTO James Qu Shared the Development of PlatON Smart Contract, and Made a Practice Training on the First PlatON Open Class on Smart Contract

On May 25th, 2020, in the first PlatON open class on smart contract, PlatON CTO James Qu shared the development of PlatON smart contract, and the practice training on smart contract including the structure, calls, events, debugging, etc. with the core PlatON smart contract developers.

3. PlatON Galaxy Gate — Beach Head Went Live with 10000 LAT

On May 27th, 2020, PlatON Galaxy Gate — Beach Head, the first event of the exclusive PlatON smart contract session, is launched to offer a chance for all users to have their first attempt at smart contract compiling. There are totally 10000LAT in the bonus pool.

4. PlatON Founder and CEO Lilin Sun Talk about Currency Digitalization and China’s DC/EP with Sixth Tone

On May 29th, 2020, PlatON founder and CEO Lilin Sun spoke to Sixth Tone, to talk about currency digitalization, China’s DC/EP, the reasons and advantages why China want the money to go digital, and the data privacy concern as well.

“With digital currency, you can’t really loss money by, say leaving your wallet at a restaurant.”Mr. Sun shared.


1. PlatON Bitcointalk Bounty Programs Went Live to Enhance PlatON Community

On May 18th, 2020, PlatON launched a bounty program on bitcointalk to enhance PlatON Community. After the survey from PlatON Telegram comunuty, this bounty program consists of Twitter campaign and Telegram community, the most common and popular community platforms in the crypto world. Participants will get rewarded by joining and contributing PlatON community.

2. PlatON Community Developer Get Involved in the Requirement Design of PlatON Finance System

In late May, 2020, PlatON has successfully recruited the one to work with from community developers after the launch of PlatON Ladder Plan. The community developer has get involved in the requirement design of PlatON Finance System.

PlatON team looks forward to working with all talents worldwide to complete and co-host the entire PlatON ecosystem.



Project Progress:

Overall completion progress of Rosetta v0.2.0: 40%

1. Supported the researches of all privacy-preserving computation algorithms with customized data type. Designed and reviewed the solutions of customized data type.

2. Completed the verification of Rosetta customized data type solution by coding. Confirmed that the solution is feasible.

3. Completed the design and implementation of optimized MPC protocol for different operators. Completed the correctness verification.

4. Completed the review of initialization that supports multiple back-end privacy-preserving algorithms.

5. Submitted the patent of customized data type on Rosetta.


Project Progress:

Completed the development of PAI 0.4.4 with newly added features as follows:

1. Data Asset Market, including the data asset industry categorization, recommendation, and statistics on the followers and orders;

2. Data Asset Management, including the optimization of the data asset authentication generation method and description.



On May 27th, 2020, UNISOC announced the cooperative relationship with for the convergence of IoT and Blockchain technologies innovation. UNISOC also announced that they will integrate’s BoAT blockchain application framework into their IoT chipset platform Cat.1 bis Ivy8910DM to fully support various IoT devices with trusted data on chain. and UNISOC are planning a cooperative roadmap for the strategic launch of more IoT chipset solutions supporting BoAT gradually, and extensively utilize the TEE’s secure execution environment, root of trust and other security capabilities of UNISOC’s IoT chipset architecture. is also pioneering the integration of the “BoAT” blockchain application framework to compliment ARM’s PSA (Platform Security Architecture) certification requirements for IoT industry applications intending to achieve “trusted data on-chain” turn-key solution.


Project Progress:

In May, Vitu has been developing and testing v 3.2.0, mainly focus on the technical enhancement on container and new Idea channel. Meanwhile, Vitu would like to modify the interaction to improve the user experience.

Overall completion progress of Vitu 3.2.0(10% completed)

1. Technical enhancement on container

2. Adding more charts and indicators at Idea channel

✨Horseman GO

Project Progress:

1. Added the daily signing system. Users can claim precious game props such as treasure box, Gold Coin, Horse Coin and skill books, etc. by keeping signing;

2. Added the A-class Championship with two races each day. Only horses assessed to be A-level in vitality, speed, power or dexterity are qualified to participate in A-class Championship;

3. Added B-class Championship with two races each day. Only horses assessed to be B-level in vitality, speed, power or dexterity are qualified to participate in A-class Championship, and the registration is totally for free;

4. Optimized the description of Xurulin’s skills;

5. Fixed the wrong display issues of horse attributes caused by Jockey Club;

6. Fixed the wrong descriptions of some genes;

7. Fixed the wrong display issues of breeding right event genes;

8. Fixed the building issues of exclusive monuments that belong to players get involved in Horseman GO closed beta;

9. Fixed the issue that skill books in the auction house are out of stock and can’t be claimed due to expected error.


1. On May 20th, 2020, Horseman GO joined force with PalletOne to launch the Horseman GO x PalletOne event, offering all PalletOne users a gift package.

2. On May 21th, 2020, Horseman GO strategic partner TokenPocket provided resource payment service for all Horseman GO players. By doing so, Horseman GO players using TokenPocket wallet don’t need to pay CPU fee by themselves, entering into the 0 CPU era.

3. On May 27th, 2020, Horseman GO announced the collaboration with its strategic partner MYEY, and launched the Horseman Go & MYKEY event. MYKEY will be providing high EOS reward and network fee for winners in the exclusive PVP races in the following one month.

PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.

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PlatON Network

PlatON Network

PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.

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