PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, 6.16–30, 2020

Project Progress

PlatON Network

Completed the development and review of PlatON 0.13.0:

1. Completed the upgrade of ATON wallet address and added the governable parameters of economic model;

2. Supported the parallel transfer, and optimized part of the codes.


1. PlatON Has Confirmed its Satisfying Overall Network Performance after Several Stress Tests under the Testing Environment that will be Most Close to PlatON Main Net

In late June 2020, PlatON has completed several rounds of stress tests that simulated and reproduced all potential issues and risks in the testing environment that will be most close to the real environment when PlatON main net is launched with PlatON community members. According to the reports, the overall network performance with high configurations can reach a correspondingly high level. Even when dealing with complicated smart contracts, the TPS can reach 2000.

2. PlatON Has Ensured the Absolute Security on Seven Significant Models in the New Round of Security Audit Completed by SlowMist

In late June 2020, SlowMist has confirmed the absolutely security on seven significant PlatON models including P2P security, RPC security, cryptographic signature security, accounts, transaction model, virtual machine security and consensus security, after the new round of security audit.

3. Consensys Strategy Lead Mara Schmiedt Made a Deep Interpretation of Ethereum 2.0 and the Engagement between PlatON and Ethereum Foundation

In late June 2020, Consensys Strategy Lead Mara Schmiedt made a deep interpretation of the role that staking service provides play in Ethereum 2.0, Secret Sharing, MPC, and PlatON’s work on verification and implementation of PoC (Proof of Custody) with MPC in Ethereum 2.0, etc.

4. The Head of PlatON Community Kai Yu Shared the Design Concept of PlatON Economic Model in the AMA PlatON hosted with Ourea Group

On Jun.19, 2020, in the AMA PlatON hosted with Ourea Group, the Head of PlatON Community Kai Yu shared the design concept, advantages and characteristics of PlatON economic model, one of the most important parts supporting the financial infrastructure.

5. The Head of PlatON Community Kai Yu Shared Further Info and Updates about PlatON in the AMA PlatON hosted with Ourea Group

On Jun.28, 2020, PlatON hosted an AMA focusing on how PlatON will build the next generation blockchain to address the existing issues in the whole industry with Ourea Group. The Head of PlatON Community Kai Yu unpacked the story in the early days after PlatON get started, and the latest development of PlatON products and application trends.



Project Progress:

Overall completion progress of Rosetta v0.2.0: 71%

1. Completed the compatibility of SecrueNN protocol with the new framework, entering into the verification of integration correctness stage;

2. Completed the development of New Helix operations which has been compatible with the new framework, turned up the C++ protocol layer and Python application layer, entering into the verification of integration correctness stage;

3. Completed the verification of Static spass optimization and correctness;

4. Completed the implementation and SDK of LabelPSI, and the related documents.

✨PAI Data Asset Exchange Project

Project Progress:

Completed the development of PAI 0.4.6 with newly added features as follows:

l Platform

1. The user registration;

2. The solutions overview;

3. The concurrent multi-tasking of collaborative model training and prediction tasks;

l Local Safe Box

4. The user login;

5. The blockchain wallet creation;

6. The Platform account binding supported by the consortium blockchain service.



  1. On Jun.20, 2020, CEO Leo Lin was interviewed by GSMA to talk about his beginner’s mind and the key role that plays in the blockchain and IoT innovation. The first event of GSMA Thrive China 2020 in virtual series event will be held from Jun.30 to Jul.2, 2020, and has been selected by GSMA 5G IN Group as a high-potential start-up.
  2. On Jun.23, 2020, joined force with Neoway to announce the Blockchain IoT module N58 with “BoAT” integrated. It offers a very efficient solution by offering reliable and trusted connectivity for IoT vertical enterprises to accomplish new achievements in the digital era. CEO Leo Lin said he is optimistic and confident about the bright prospect of blockchain in IoT application and the cooperation with Blockchain IoT module N58 with “BoAT” integrated.

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