PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, 7.16–31, 2020

Project Progress

PlatON Network

Completed the development of PlatON 0.13.1, entering into the test stage:

1. Canceled the mandatory unstaking for the punishment strategy of zero block production, but modify the node status instead;

2. Changed the default value of punishment basis for zero block production from 3 to be 1, and the punishment reward from 0 block to be 250 blocks;

3. Modified the packing logic of special blocks. Special blocks are packed according to the packing logic of normal blocks;

4. Optimized the coding format of event;

5. Fixed the computing error of gas in ReturnContract of WASM contract;

6. Optimized the RLP code of WASM contract, including the modification of external function in the underlying part;

7. Added the info of seed nodes and foundation nodes, changed the IPs of seed nodes and foundation nodes on test net to be the domain names;

8. Fixed the issue that the governance interface call of cross-contract works under the circumstance that the gasPrice is not qualified;

9. Modified the test net ID to be 104.

Synced optimization of ETH:

1. Optimized the chain indexes, related HeadEvent in all blocks;

2. Fixed “invalid hash chain error”;

3. Optimized the “create”, “create 2” and “SHA3” commands in EVM;

4. Modified the address format of assembly instruction to be hexadecimal;

5. Fixed the thread suspension issue when the initial quick synchronization is completed;

6. Completed the RPC interface for getting Merkle proof;

7. Get the correct length of delivered message when the state synchronization is correct;

8. Fixed the issue resulted from RPC concurrence;

9. Fixed the deadlock issue of testing p2p simulator;

10. Fixed the issue that when block hashes search log, the search result is simulator;

11. Fixed the issue that the empty STATICCALL accounts on other networks besides Ethereum haven’t been deleted;

12. Canceled the limit of file descriptor 2048, applied the system maximal limit instead;

13. Fixed the bug of prestate tracer;

14. Fixed the slice panic of downloader;

15. Added the legitimacy verification of “txpool.config”;

16. Fixed “hasher not returned to pool” issue;

17. Modified the rule that ethapi get nonce from txpool;

18. Fixed the bug that the version number must be integer;

19. Optimized the storage, and fixed the issue that EVM event can’t be monitored;

20. Fixed a security vulnerability of eclipse attack;

Supporting Tools

1. Completed the development of PlatScan 0.13.1, entering the test stage:

1) Been compatible with PlatON 0.13.1;

2) Finished the modification of zero block production punishment strategy of validators;

2. Been in the final stage of ATON 0.13.1 development

1) Been compatible with PlatON 0.13.1, and added the status of nodes that are locked;

2) Supported the creation and management of HD wallet


1. PlatON Celebrated its 2nd Anniversary with all Community Members in the 2nd Anniversary AMA

On Jul.19, 2020, PlatON hosted its 2nd anniversary AMA in its official Telegram community to celebrate it with all community members. The Head of Community Kai Yu, as the guest, shared the latest updates and further plans about PlatON.

2. PlatON Announced its Ambassador Plan to Recruit the Ones Who Want to Enhance and Complete PlatON Ecosystem in both China and Other Regions around the Globe

On Jul.19, 2020, PlatON officially announced its ambassador plan to recruit the ones who are bullish about PlatON and want to enhance PlatON ecosystem in both China and other regions around the world.

3. PlatON Made an Exclusive Sharing in the AMA hosted by Blockchain Infinity Community

On Jul.25, 2020, in the exclusive PlatON AMA hosted by Blockchain Infinity, Head of Community Kai Yu, as the guest, made an exclusive sharing for Blockchain Infinity Community, including PlatON validators, global ambassador plan, Grants program, Privacy AI, etc.

4. PlatON Made an Exclusive Sharing in the AMA hosted by D’va News

On Jul.31, 2020, in the exclusive PlatON AMA hosted by D’va News, Head of Community Kai Yu, as the guest, made an exclusive sharing for Blockchain Infinity Community, including PlatON privacy-preserving computation solution, target market, economic model design, etc.


✨ Rosetta

Project Progress:

Overall completion progress of Rosetta v0.2.0: 100%

1. Fixed the precision loss issue of division operation

2. Optimized the Log operations, and reduced the communication complexity.

3. Optimized the Pow operations.

4. Optimized Rosetta v0.1.1 with the overall performance improved by 5 times

5. Released Rosetta v0.2.0 and keep completing the documentations on github.

6. Supported 128bit data type.

✨ PAI Data Asset Exchange Project

Project Progress:

Completed the development of PAI 0.4.8 with newly added features as follows:

1. The optimization of data asset authentication procedure and the content of proof document, which have been moved from the Platform to the local Safe Box;

2. The storage of the encrypted information on the blockchain, including the data asset authentication, contract signings and computation tasks.



On Jul.5, 2020, China’s 1st Privacy Computing Industry Forum was held during Hangzhou Blockchain International Week, concurrently with an award ceremony for the top 30 firms in the privacy-preserving computation industry., as an innovative tech start-up that integrates the Internet of Things with privacy-preserving computation, was one of the key invitees for this prestigious Top 30 award and selected as one of “the Most Powerful Application for privacy-preserving computation during the ceremony.




PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.

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PlatON Network

PlatON Network

PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.

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