PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, 9.1–15, 2020

PlatON Network
3 min readSep 15, 2020

Project Progress

PlatON Network

Confirmed the upgrade details of PlatON 0.13.2 as follows:

1. The delegation and lockup periods can be governable;

2. Added commands of EVM;

Supporting Tools

Developing ATON 0.13.2, which is expected to be finished in late October. The update details of ATON 0.13.2 are shown as follows:

1. Added the balance part of HD subwallet on the Wallet Management interface of ATON

2. Added the feature that users will be required to confirm it again when modifying the user agreement, otherwise it’s disabled;

3. Supported password modification of ATON


1. PlatON Defines the Standard Performance Assessment Model for TPS

In early September 2020, PlatON defined a suit of standard performance assessment model and criteria test for executing the standard performance test of blockchain system. The assessment model has been applied in every performance test of PlatON to complete all kinds of functional tests, inception tests, security tests and stress tests with PlatON community jointly.

2. PlatON CTO James Qu Analyzed the Technologies and Trends of DeFi in His Article

In early September 2020, PlatON CTO James Qu reviewed DeFi and the relevant hot projects in his article. James analyzed the trends of DeFi from America’s subprime crisis in 2008, DeFi’s essence, technologies, and design architecture.


1. PlatON Hosted an AMA with Coinight Community

On Sep.4, 2020, PlatON had an AMA in Coinight community. The Head of Community Kai Yu, as the special guest, shared all Coinight community cares about PlatON in the AMA.

2. PlatON Hosted an AMA with A&Q Community

On Sep.12, 2020, PlatON had an AMA in A&Q Community. The Head of Community Kai Yu, as the special guest, shared all A&Q Community cares about PlatON in the AMA.


✨ Rosetta

Project Progress:

1. Ran benchmark tests and performance analysis on Rosetta;

2. Completed Rosetta data sets processing feature to support splitting the data sets in both vertical and horizontal ways;

3. Optimized the secure operator Sigmoid ;

4. Added the secure operator SecureAssign;

5. Completed the drafted design on the multi-socket scheme for the communication layer;

6. Fixed some known bugs.

✨ PAI Data Asset Exchange Project

Project Progress:

Completed the development of PAI 0.4.12 with the newly added features as follows:

1. The optimization of the computation service;

2. The update of the blockchain service.



In early September 2020, and LeapFive formed a cooperation to help accelerate the growth of applications and innovation of “IoT + Blockchain” polymeric industrialization by introducing a RISC-V IoT chip featuring blockchain. “BoAT-V”, a blockchain application framework for RISC-V architecture to accelerate growth, will be jointly launched by and LeapFive to enable massive IoT devices with trusted data on chain.



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