PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, Mar.1–15, 2020

Project Progress

PlatON Network

1. Released v 0.10.1 for node upgrade, solved the block production issue of new Baleworld test net;

2. Finished the design and planning of v 0.11.0 to support WASM, and solve the punishment of zero block production and node memory leak issue, which is expected to be launched in early April 2020.

Supporting Tools

1. Added the custom gas limit feature of MTool;

2. Fixed the display issue of validator logo and the sorting issue of nodes on PlatScan;

3. Added the custom gas limit feature of transfer to ATON

4. Completed the development of the new version of ATON that will be launched soon to support adding a note feature for transfer, fixed the issues reported by community members and optimized ATON overall to display the block height in transaction details, show the specific second of transaction timestamp, and increase the length limit of wallet name in ATON.


1. Introducing the $200M LatticeX Grants

On Mar.5, 2020, LatticeX Foundation, officially announced its $200M Granrs program, offering funding and great support to all projects focusing on the privacy-preserving computation and LatticeX system. The announcement of Grants indicates that PlatON has taken a further step on the community development after its new Baleyworld test net and Galaxy Rally.

2. A Significant Upgrade on New Baleyworld Test Net is Finished with the Deep Engagement of all PlatON Node Partners and Community Members

On Mar.9, 2020, a critical block production bug occurred in the new Baleyworld test net. With the deep engagement of and contribution from all PlatON node partners and community members, the significant upgrade on new Baleyworld test net has finished successfully, and the block production has resumed on Mar.12, 200. This is a milestone of PlatON’s community-based network vision.

3. LatticeX Foundation Release Its First Funding Plan on Cryptography of Grants Program

On Mar.5, 2020, LatticeX Foundation released its first funding plan on cryptography after officially announced its Grants program, supporting diversified researchers on cryptography including Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC), Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP), Homomorphic Encryption (HE), Hardware implementation on cryptographic algorithm, etc., with $10M fund in total.

4. PlatON Announced a New Engagement on Protocol Verification with Runtime Verification

Mar.9, 2020, PlatON announced a new engagement on protocol verification with world’s leading computing system analysis and execution firm Runtime Verification. The focus of this engagement is the formal modeling of PlatON’s CBFT protocol and verification of two mission properties — safety and liveness.

5. PlatON Extended its Be a Validator Campaign of Galaxy Rally

On Mar.6, 2020, PlatON added a new round of Be a Validator in Galaxy Rally and reissue the rewards to participants who have successfully finished the Be a Validator task from Feb.27, 2020, 17:00 (GMT+8) to Mar.6, 2020, 12:00 (GMT+8). Be a Validator is one of the hottest campaigns in Galaxy Rally, and has been full claimed on Feb.27, 2020 due to the overwhelming response. As there are requests and applications every day, PlatON determined to extend the engagement between PlatON and all supporters till Mar.12, 2020, 17:00 (GMT+8).

6. PlatON Ultra-High Pressure Test Launched to Ensure a Highly Stable and Secure Network

On Mar.13,2020, in order to ensure a highly stable and secure network with high availability, PlatON launched the ultra-high-pressure test on the transaction to build a distribution network that can stand up to all kinds of challenges and potential risks.


1. PlatON Started its Flash Campaign of Galaxy Rally with Diversified Tasks and Sufficient Incentives to Community Members

On Mar.3, 2020, PlatON started its Flash campaign with diversified tasks and sufficient incentives, offering a chance for users worldwide to get familiar with the technologies and supported tools of PlatON network. There will be time-limited tasks at irregular intervals during Galaxy Rally, and so far PlatON has launched 4 rounds of Flash campaigns including Transfer in round 1 and round 2, Delegation in round 3, and Claim Delegation Reward in round 4.

2. PlatON Launched its First Twitter Campaign to Celebrate Galaxy Rally

On Mar.7, PlatON launched its first twitter campaign that consists of PlatON Like, PlatON Referral and PlatON Enthusiast to celebrate PlatON Galaxy Rally. The Twitter campaign is well-received. So far, winners of PlatON Like has come out, and PlatON Referral and PlatON Enthusiast are still ongoing.

PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.

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PlatON Network

PlatON Network

PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.

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