PlatON Bi-weekly Report, Mar.16–31, 2020

Project Progress

PlatON Network

1. Completed the development of PlatON 0.11.0, entering into the test stage; the verification of PlatON 0.11.0 is expected be finished in early April;

2. Improved the punishment mechanism for zero block production, fixed the node launch failure issue after fast sync stopped.

Supporting Tools

1. Released ATON 0.10.1, added the support for notes of transfer, fixed and optimized the issues reported by communities to display the block height in transaction details, show the specific second of transaction timestamp, and enlarge the length limit of wallet name in ATON;

2. Completed the development of MTool 0.11.0, entering into the test stage; the verification of MTool 0.11.0 will be finished in early April;

3. Completed the development of PlatScan 0.11.0, added the governance parameters, entering into the test stage; the verification of PlatScan 0.11.0 will be finished in early April;

4. Completed the design of new UI for Wallet part of ATON 0.11.1, which will be released in late April.


1. PlatON Announced a Strategic Partnership with HashQuark

On Mar.18, 2020, PlatON and world’s leading staking service provider HashQuark hosted a strategic partnership event. Chief Economist of Wanxiang Blockchain and PlatON & HashQuark Advisor Dr. Chuanwei Zou, HashQuark CEO Leo Li, and PlatON founder and CEO Lilin Sun shared the business model of staking, HashQuark products and development plan, PlatON’s consensus mechanism and economic model, respectively. PlatON and HashQuark announced their strategic partnership in this event.

2. PlatON Announced a Strategic Partnership With in Its 3rd Community Council

On Mar.26, 2020, PlatON hosted its 3rd community council with, the world’s leading one-stop mining integration service provider. PlatON founder and CEO Lilin Sun and CEO Peicai Li officially announced the strategic partnership between PlatON and will contribute on the network building and community governance to help facilitate the prosperity and stability of PlatON ecosystem.

3. PlatON Algorithm Scientist Dr. Xiang Xie Talked about Privacy-Preserving Computation’s Role in Privacy Disclosure in TokenInsight’s 37th AMA

On Mar.26, 2020, PlatON Algorithm Scientist Dr. Xie Xiang joined in TokenInsight’s 37th AMA as the special guest to talked about privacy-preserving computation’s role in dealing with privacy disclosure issues, PlatON’s solution, technology and plan of Privacy AI, and the attempt on MPC of Ethereum, etc.


1. PlatON Hosted Its 2nd Community Council to Share Further Details about PlatON’s Consensus Mechanism and Economic Model

On Mar.17, 2020, PlatON hosted its 2nd community council. PlatON Chief Architect Shenglin Li and Head of Tech Community Zhijing Fu share the further details about PlatON consensus mechanism and economic model, and the updates of the $2M LatticeX Grants.




Privacy-preserving computation technologies train and infer AI models without privacy disclosure, to utilize the diversity of data maximally on top of ensuring the data privacy. Combined with blockchain, privacy-preserving computation serves as an infrastructure for distributed economies, and a complete public infrastructure in the whole-digital era.

The Rosetta open source framework, integrated with privacy-preserving computation, blockchain and AI technologies, is the ultimately support for a complete privacy AI solution.

Project Progress:

Overall completion progress of Rosetta v1.0: 84%

1. Completed the unit test of the combination of Dynamic Pass, Static Pass, MPC OPs and MPC Gradient Ops; verified the correctness of static graph generated by TensorFlow, 100% completed.

2. Completed the unit test of MPC Gradient Ops; verified the correctness of MPC Gradient OPs executed under TensorFlow, 75% completed.

1. Completed the unit test of MPC Ops; verified the correctness of MPC Gradient OPs executed under TensorFlow, 75% completed.

2. Supported the parallel execution of MPC OPs in Tensorflow. Currently correctness and stability verification are performing, 90% completed

3. Optimized the implementation of sigmoid_cross_entropy_with_logits in MPC.

4. Optimized the generation of AES and message id, reducing the communication cost.



PAI Data Asset Exchange Project is a privacy computing-based data asset value realization infrastructure, incubated by the LatticeX Foundation. Taking various types of data elements as core assets, and combining privacy AI algorithms and PlatON Blockchain, it creates the world’s first distributed data asset trading network, providing a full range of technologies for data providers, data consumers and data owners.

PAI aims at providing the commercial data privacy applications and solutions as its main product line-up. It now focuses on developing algorithms and applications, and will release commercially feasible data asset exchange products in Q2 2020.

Project Progress:

Completed the development of PAI v0.4 covering:

1. Tag query for two parties, based on private set intersection (PSI) technology;

2. AI/ML training and prediction (logistic regression) model between two-party heterogeneous dataset, based on Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) protocol.


About is the trusted identity authentication and privacy-preserving data computation solution for the enterprise-level AIoT.


1. Karl Weaver ( has jumped on the BoAT, and joined as Global Business Development Director to bring a decade of successful experience scaling mobile payments & IoT security.

2. On Mar 20th, 2020, Lenovo Connect enthusiastically forms a strategic partnership with The cooperation between Lenovo Connect and includes jointly developing Blockchain IoT devices, Blockchain IoT modules and technical specifications tailored to emerging vertical industries, including smart mobility, smart retail, smart grid, and smart office.

🌟 Vitu


Vitu.AI reimagines data analytics and research services in digital assets, empowering data-driven investors to access DeFi data without barriers, generate insights by seconds with robust models from the community and validate trading ideas via real orderbooks from multiple exchanges.


1. The in-house strategy framework of Vitu.AI is officially open source, aiming to provide the community with powerful data and research services for digital assets. Users could either run a one-line simple code “pip install vitu” in the python environment (python 3.0 is highly recommended), or download the package from and then install.

2. Vitu launched a brand-new community with two distinct channels: Strategy and Research. In the Strategy channel, users can share their strategies freely or learn from the strategies shared by other community members. While in the Research channel, users can find research reports from various perspectives.

Project Progress:

1. In order to improve the accuracy of the strategy framework, Vitu team is developing a minute-level backtest and simulations for spot marketing, which is expected to be launched in April

2. In order to encourage community users to actively share insights, Vitu team is developing the incentive mechanism of platform token, which could also be launched in April

🌟Horseman GO


Horseman GO is the world’s first blockchain-enabled, decentralized autonomous game (DAG). Designed and developed by blockchain gaming studio Cogito, Horseman GO is characterized by its self-governing, self-managing, and self-developing mechanism which is fully encoded in the gameplay, presenting an innovative decentralized game experience where players are entirely accountable for the growth of the in-game ecosystem. Through the in-game Jockey Club, all in-game revenues from participation fees, auctions, and sponsored races will feed into a central wallet where funds will be further allocated for operational costs and rewards within the game. In this way, Horseman GO provides a gaming experience that is determined and developed by the players and for its players alone.

Project Progress:

Completed the development of open beta except for the optimization for racing experience, entering into the internal test stage; added the features including quiz of racing result, gift exchange, friends, world events, etc.; optimized the UI of competition ground and adjusted the lens performance to enhance the expression of racing in the latest racing system;

1. Optimized the Tourist system;

2. Added the Friends system;

3. Completed the joint debugging of data on both client and server;

4. Completed the optimization for the performance of auction house;



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