PlatON Community Council Hosted with Keystore Jointly — New Force of Security Management on Crypto Assets for PlatON ecosystem

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4 min readApr 22, 2020

On Apr.21, 2020, PlatON hosted its community council with Keystore, the world’s leading enterprise-level crypto asset service provider. The Head of PlatON Community Kai Yu and Keystore Marketing Director Xudong Jia shared the strategic plans and the latest development of both PlatON and Keystore. Plus, PlatON and Keystore announced that they will join force to further enhance and deepen their collaboration, and facilitate the node building and community governance of PlatON ecosystem.

Introduction of Keystore

Jia: Founded in 2018, Keystore, as an enterprise-level crypto asset service provider that focuses on the security storage of private key, provides the information security protection and crypto data processing technologies to enterprise-level users. Keystore’s services including the security storage & management and the financial management system of crypto asset, node service, security data storage, etc. Keystore has get the endorsements from state-owned assets and top crypto foundations.

Why Did Keystore Choose to Dive into Asset Security?

Jia: The reasons why we choose to focus on asset security are:

1. Crypto asset is an emerging asset, and the private key is the most important part. However, it is a common knowledge that there are security issues of private key, such as loss, stolen, etc.

2. Compared to the traditional assets, the volumes of crypto assets are quite small. Currently, the crypto wallet can’t offer complete solutions to lower the threshold of private key management, and enterprise-level users have higher demands on the multi-signature, sub-account management, finance approval system, privilege separation, one-click statement export, etc. rather than individual users. Thus, we launched the enterprise-level e-bank product for crypto assets.

3. Keystore has higher potential of innovation compared to other similar services. For example, Coinbase provides the traditional centralized custody service to helps safekeeps users’ private keys, which is more user-friendly to traditional users rather than the blockchain users. Thus, we launched the self-custody model. Users keep their private key by themselves, and we provide the secure maintenance environment.

Then, we started Keystore to provide more secure, convenient and professional enterprise-level service for crypto assets in 2018.

Why Did Keystore Joined PlatON Ecosystem as a Validator?

Jia: We started the strategic partnership protocol with PlatON on the security management of crypto assets and privacy-preserving computation in 2018, and have kept the close communication with PlatON team since then. When the new Baleyworld test net launched, we immediately joined to show support to PlatON.

More specifically, the reasons why we joined PlatON ecosystem as a validator are:

1. There is a good collaboration condition for the businesses of both PlatON and Keystore. PlatON is a leading player in the privacy-preserving computation field, which is endorsed by world’s top projects, teams and institutes. We are very optimized about the team, technologies and the potentials of PlatON. Keystore focuses on the development and innovation for security management technologies of privacy key, offering the whole new technology routine for the key management. We are a complementary combination.

2. Keystore has node service demands on its business. Keystore provides the node service for institutes and key customers, some of them are the investors of PlatON. We collaborate with institutes for being the validators of PlatON.

What Can Keystore Bring to PlatON Ecosystem?

Jia: We will contribute on the development of PlatON ecosystem via:

1. Providing secure and stable node operation and maintenance service for PlatON network

2. Providing more values and services for PlatON ecosystem with our experience and strengthens on enterprise-level crypto asset service, such as the low-cost storage and management service for crypto assets and flexible enterprise-level finance management tool for public blockchains.

How’s the Commercial Development Routine and the Marketing Attempts of PlatON?

Yu: PlatON is the combination of privacy-preserving computation & AI, and the future-oriented financial infrastructure. Privacy-preserving computation & AI works for almost all industries and fields that have the demands on data sharing and collaborative computing. The marketing is immeasurable, and finance, healthcare and ads industries that are highly sensitive about data privacy have the most emerging demands. We will launch Rosetta, the world’s first open source privacy AI framework supporting Tensorflow, to lay the foundation for building the next-generation data bank service.

As the Underlying Infrastructure, Which Filed Do You Think is the Most Promising?

Yu: Besides the industries that are sensitive about data privacy and have emerging demands on data sharing and collaborative computing such as finance, healthcare, ads, etc, game, in my opinion, is the application field that is closest to the core values of blockchain, and the bridge connecting the real world and the virtual world.

Btw, Horseman GO, another ecosystem project of LatticeX Foundation like PlatON, has announced its open beta on Apr. 20, 2020.Welcome to experience it.

Can You Share the Latest Updates about the Community and Ecosystem Building of PlatON?

Yu: In order to build a complete community, recently, we launched several community plans including the Woodpecker Mechanism, a community delivery culture benchmarking the aerospace engineering. We will execute the serious double reports of both technology and management according to the ISO 18238 Space Systems-closed Loop Problem Solving Management, and deliver the reports to PlatON community, facilitating the engagement between PlatON and the community; and the Ladder Plan, an exclusive funding plan under LatticeX Grants to fund the community developers and complete the PlatON ecosystem jointly.

How Do PlatON and Keystore Empower Each Other?

Yu: Keystore is not only a validator of PlatON ecosystem, but also one of the most important partners for us. We believe Keystore, as a world’s leading enterprise-level crypto asset service provider with years of enterprise-level service practice and experience, will breathe a new life into the PlatON ecosystem. And will keep further exploration on collaboration between PlatON and Keystore.



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