PlatON First Community Council — It’s All about Distribution, Security and Transparency (II)

Holding “Open and Transparency”, the Head of PlatON Community Mr. Kai Yu and Head of PlatON Technical Community Mr. Zhijing Fu, and even PlatON founder and CEO Mr. Lilin Sun answered the questions of the most concern to all community members. In addition, founder of Hellopool Mr. Cen Zi, founder of Wetez Mr. Kamie and founder of PlatON Fans Mr. Hao Zheng joined the community council.

Strengthens of PlatON as the Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies

Mr. Sun: From a technical standpoint, institutes and firms that focus on privacy-preserving computation are as follows:

1. AI-based Federated Learning solutions, represented by Google

2. Cryptography-based Privacy AI solutions

3. Security-based TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) solutions

PlatON is a comprehensive cryptography-based Privacy AI solution, stands ahead with:

1. Finance: solid financial experience and resource

2. Engineering: Savvy software engineering and implementation ability

3. Development of Privacy AI: Deeply dive into the development and business practice of Privacy AI for over 4 years

4. Commerce: Rich experience in business practice and marketing collaboration.

Businesses of PlatON with Privacy-Preserving Computation applied

Mr. Sun: We firstly applied Privacy-Preserving Computation on KMS (Key Management System) solutions for the management of digital assets, including the crypto wallets and trading among institutes. Later on, we focus on the development of Privacy-Preserving Computation combined with AI and big data, and have delivered solutions for world’s first-tier financial institutes.

Difference between PlatON PPoS and other PoW Public Blockchains?

Mr. Fu: PlatON’s PPoS consensus mechanism is the combination of PoS and BFT. With regard to PoS, it is the PPoS based on probability distribution to ensure the distribution and scalability; and concerning BFT, it applied CBFT (Consortium Byzantine Fault Tolerance) protocol with which the block producing and verifying work parallelly, ensuring the fault tolerance while improving the efficiency of block producing.

Difference of Smart Contracts between PlatON and Ethereum

Mr. Fu: Compared to Ethereum’s smart contract developed using Solidity and supports EVM, PlatON supports:

1. WASM smart contract

2. Verifiable contract, the exclusive smart contract of PlatON

3. Privacy contract

PlatON Governance Mechanism and Organization

Mr.Yu: The decision-making power of PlatON belongs to all community members. However, the interest of nodes is of great importance for the development of PlatON ecosystem, thus, nodes should undertake responsibilities of governance, and enjoy governance rights as well.

To put it simple, to the great extent, nodes’ votes determine the governance of PlatON. And when we see significant disagreements or conflicts, community members determine the governance of PlatON.

When Will PlatON Main Net be Officially Announced?

Mr. Yu: The main net of PlatON is expected to be officially announced in Q2 2020 after all-inclusive tests of economic model, governance mechanism and consensus system get finished. Currently, we’ve launched the new Baleyworld test net with EVM supported in Feb, 2020, and we will upgrade it with WASM supported in Mar, 2020.

What Challenges the Whole Privacy-Preserving Computation Filed are Facing after Internet Giants Joined?

Mr.Sun: The involvement of Internet Giants tells that Privacy-Preserving Computation is promising. Internet Giants, with their world‘s leading brand awareness and global exposure, will be popularized easily. However, it runs in the opposite direction to the concept and model of Privacy-Preserving Computation.

PlatON stands ahead with its attractive and innovate distributed economies ecosystem, and development and business practice for over 4 years. I believe new era will surely bring new ecosystem to the whole Industry.

Unique Landscape of PlatON

Mr. Sun: PlatON prioritizes stability than everything, and stability means compliance. In 2019, we founded LatticeX Foundation, the large-scale distributed network supporting the expansive economy activities and broader business applications, in Singapore. We’ve formed the communication and sharing mechanism with the government, regulators, law firms and academic institutes in Singapore, and we will invite more specialist in Singapore to join our compliance work.

Furthermore, the LatticeX Foundation will officially announce the world’s first Privacy AI framework supporting TensorFlow completely in around April or May. It will benefit all developers worldwide. Developers can easily call the underlying application with PlatON instead of learning complicated algorithms like cryptography.

How to Get Involved in PlatON and Benefit from It Deeply?

Mr. Sun: PlatON test net, designed with compliance and fairness, is a limitless game that enables sustainable development. With our diversified campaigns, all PlatON community members including node partners and individual users, will enjoy LAT and all kinds of incentives and interests.

We wish to see more validators joined in, and developers and community members as well, to test and facilitate the stability, security and high availability of our test net.

PlatON’s Role in Today and Even Tomorrow’s Blockchain Industry?

Mr.Sun: Compared to public blockchain, I would prefer infrastructure. We chose to serve as the infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation, the most difficult way from the very beginning, as blockchain is born to be a financial infrastructure to facilitate data circulation. Plus, I’m agree with the importance of community. However, I think the real power of community comes from the contribution and engagement from community members worldwide. I sincerely welcome all kinds of suggestions, challenges and even criticisms from all participants during PlatON Galaxy Rally, and we also provide different incentive campaigns. Thanks for your attention and support!