PlatON Galaxy Gate — Beach Head is Launched with 10000LAT

In the first PlatON open class on smart contract, PlatON CTO James Qu made an interpretation of smart contract and the practice training of smart contract compiling and deployment, with core PlatON smart contract developers.

On May 27, 2020, PlatON launched PlatON Galaxy Gate — Beach Head, the smart contract compiling event, to offer all users a chance to get involved in smart contract and win a share of 10000 LAT!


1. Compile the EVM and WASM smart contract in the Github repository:

2. Call at least one contract method in each smart contract

3. Release your smart contracts after then


According to the time sequence of submitting issues, the top 100 participants who finished the tasks, each of them will win 100 LAT.

Bonus pool: 10000LAT

How to Join:

After finishing the compiling, send us the following required info when submitting issues to the specific repository:

1. Address of the released smart contract

2. Address to receive reward

3. Your WeChat ID or Github user name

Note: Each participant with sole valid WeChat ID/ Github user name/email address can join PlatON Galaxy Gate — Beach Head once. For repeated applications, the last one will be valid.

Time Duration:

May 27th, 2020, 14:00 — June 5th, 2020, 14:00 (GMT+8)

Additional Event:

Besides smart contract compiling, we prepare high BUG REWARD for the participants who find the vulnerabilities of PlatON smart contract during the campaign.

For more details about the bug campaign, please refer to:


1. Smart contract documentations

* EVM:


2. SDK documentations:

* Java EVM:

* Java WASM:

* JS:

3. Tools

* platon-truffle:

generate CDT, solc, for compiling WASM contract and EVM contract. It supports release smart contract call:


* PlatON_CDT

Compile WASM contract, download it via:

* solc:

Compile EVM smart contract, get the documentation to help you in this campaign:

Note: If you use platon-truffle or JS sdk to call WASM contract, remove 0x if the smart contract methods include Address class.

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