PlatON Global Developer Ambassador (Computator) Program (2022)

Our Ambassador Program

What We Can Offer

  • Funding support: You could get performance-based incentives and allowances, as well as a budget for community building.
  • Extensive access to PlatON: You will have a chance to work with PlatON’s key developer team, receive product & technology training, and get deeply involved in the development of PlatON’s core protocol.
  • Developer community governance: An outstanding Ambassador could participate in the governance of PlatON open-source technology community as its maintainer and become a member of the Project Management Committee (PMC).
  • Support for project incubation: Ambassadors enjoy priority access to PlatON’s support for project incubation. At PlatON, you could facilitate the implementation of various creative insights as a key player.

Ambassador Levels & Upgrade Mechanism

Ambassador Tasks

  • Build and manage local developer communities
  • Conduct technical talks and community-based education campaigns
  • Contribute to the building of PlatON’s infrastructure
  • Organize developer events
  • Contribute to the design of PlatON’s technology stack and its research on key technology


How to Apply

  1. All candidates are encouraged to learn about PlatON before submitting an application
  • To understand PlatON, one should start from the PlatON2.0 whitepaper, the whitepaper on privacy-preserving computation, and the developer documentation.
  • Candidates should learn how to develop and deploy a contract on PlatON.

Ambassador Incentives


  • PlatON Ambassadors face quarterly performance appraisals. For ambassadors who failed to meet the relevant criteria, the Foundation may suspend their incentives.
  • The Foundation will determine specific Ambassador Reward based on the bi-weekly reports submitted by Ambassadors. The Foundation reserves the right to approve or reject any submission from Ambassadors.
  • The Ambassador Incentive is settled once a month, with the relevant statistics confirmed before the 5th of each month, and the distribution completed within 10 subsequent workdays.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the Ambassador Reward Program as it deems appropriate.



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