PlatON Introduces PlatON 0.13.0 with the Whole New ATON Wallet Address Format and Parallel Transactions

Upgraded ATON Wallet Address Format

ATON 0.13.0 brings a whole new address format which applies bech 32 to display the wallet address instead of the previous hx+EIP55. Likewise, the length of new ATON wallet address is 42, while the hrp (human readable part) has been updated to be lat (for main net) and lax (for other networks).

Newly Added Parallel Transaction Function

Scalability determines the capacity of a blockchain network including the number of nodes and the maximal transactions that can be proceed, and how fast the network can process, etc. Since the inception of blockchain, scalability trilemma has been one of the greatest hurdles to the business practice of blockchain. Be it Bitcoin or Ethereum, the number of transactions that can be proceed per second is less than 100.

Industry-Leading Security, Stability and Privacy

Previous to this significant upgrade, PlatON has gone through several rounds of stress tests under the testing environment that simulated all potential risks and issues may occur on PlatON main net, and the overall network performance, according to the test reports, is satisfying. Besides, in the new around of security audit, SlowMist, one of the pioneers dedicated to the blockchain system security and also our strategic partner on security, has confirmed that PlatON is absolutely secure in P2P security, RPC security, cryptographic signature security, accounts, transaction models, virtual machine security and consensus security besides the underlying chain.



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