PlatON Launched a Bug Campaign for Enhancing the Newly Launched EVM and WASM Smart Contract

PlatON Baleyworld test net has upgraded to support both EVM and WebAssembly (WASM) smart contracts in PlatON 0.11.0 for a robust PlatON network that can accommodate all kinds of use cases using the strengthens of EVM and WASM

In order to facilitate the engagement between PlatON community and PlatON network, and provide a platform for all developers to get involved in the construction of PlatON network, PlatON launched a bug campaign for developers, security researchers, scholars, etc. a chance to showcase their talents.

During the campaign, anyone who finds the vulnerabilities of PlatON and deliver the bug report or improvement suggestion for PlatON code, will be lucky to win up to 5000LAT!

How to Join?

Send your bug report after finding vulnerability of PlatON EVM and WASM to with the required info as follows:

1. Source code of smart contract: deliver the smart contract resource code where you find vulnerability;

2. Solution for the problems/issues from smart contract;

3. Influence of bug

4. Steps of bug reproducibility: detailed description of bug, the easier it for us to reproduce and verify the vulnerability, the better;

5. Parameter settings of transactions: such as the gasPrice, gasLimit, balance, etc.;

6. Parameters executed by contract transactions

7. Version of the underlying chain;

8. Other info: tools you use and the related version

9. Valid ATON wallet address to receive reward

Bugs and Rewards:

1. S1: Bugs that may cause the chain panic or require the rollback or upgrade of PlatON network, including breaking the chain data, leading to wrong results, function execution issues, chain crash, blockchain synchronization, process exit, etc.

Reward: 3000–5000 LAT

2. S2: Bugs that cause the stability of chain from commonly occurred regular operations or the inevitable irregular operations. Under such circumstance, nodes can’t work as normal, and the performance, functions and availabilities get reduced greatly; node virtual machines exit, nodes need to be restarted; the execution of smart contract leads to the vulnerability of economic model, bookkeeping errors of accounts, etc.

Reward: 2000–3000 LAT

3. S3: Bugs that lead to the application issues of some functional programs (not fatal to the chain and nodes), and the incompleteness of functionalities.

Reward: 1000–2000 LAT

4. S4: Bugs that lead to the delay of system performance or response time, wrong intermediate results while the final results are kept, under the circumstance that the nodes can work as normal. For example, the errors of Java SDK, Js SDK, etc.

Reward: 500–1000 LAT

5. S5: Bugs that cause the inconvenience of operations, while the execution work or significant functions are ensured, such as the grammar issues of programming languages, spelling errors of interface.

Reward: 100–500 LAT

Winners Announcement:

The winners will be announced every week, please pay attention to our official forum: