PlatON Monthly Report: August 2023

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5 min readSep 1, 2023

01 — Technological Progress


PlatON v1.5.0: Completed the adaptation to Ethereum v1.10.9 ~ v1.10.16, analyzed and optimized the version differences of EVM, and started full and fast synchronization testing and internal development testing.


PlatScan v1.4.1: Completed the optimization of the holder interface performance in token details and the addition of method caching in the validator node list interface, currently in internal testing and verification.

PlatON Wallet Plugin

PlatON Wallet Plugin v1.2.0: Completed the integration with FaTpay, and also completed the adaptation to mobile devices.


BonusPay v1.2.1 Basis platform: Added support for fiat currency order placement, and completed deployment and launch.

02 — PlatON News

PlatON will participate in Asia’s premier Web3 cryptocurrency summit “TOKEN 2049”

PlatON, a digitalized public infrastructure, will bring TOPOS, a Web3.0 Encrypted Payment and Clearing System, to attend TOKEN 2049, the Asia’s premier Web3 cryptocurrency summit, and discuss with the guests topics such as global regulatory landscape, encryption and AI integration, blockchain scalability, multi-chain network and protocol interoperability.

The closed-door conference on “The New Battlefield of Stablecoins: How to Build the Future of WEB3 Payment” will be officially held on September 12

On September 12, the closed-door conference on “The New Battlefield of Stablecoins: How to Build the Future of WEB3 Payment” co-organized by PlatON, DCS Card Centre, and imToken will be officially held in Singapore. The integration of blockchain technology and payment field is leading a new wave of financial innovation. This event, as one of the side meetings of “TOKEN 2049”, will discuss the broad application prospects of payment products in the blockchain ecosystem, as well as the opportunities and challenges of stablecoins under the new MAS regulatory framework, and jointly shape the future of payment.

PlatON Unveils AA Wallet PlaTrust, with Bounty Program Kicking Off Simultaneously

Digital public infrastructure PlatON officially unveiled PlaTrust Wallet, an AA (account abstraction) wallet based on EIP-4337. The wallet offers a diverse range of great features, including the gasless experience, threshold-based multisig, session without multi-signature, lock/recovery/upgrade, custom role control, custom modules, account whitelist, censorship resistance, and multi-chain support. With PlaTrust Wallet, users can now manage their assets and permissions more securely and freely, without the burden of gas fees.

The test version of PlaTrust Wallet is now available. The project also kicked off a Bug Bounty Program in collaboration with BugRap, inviting global blockchain security experts and white hats to co-build a safer and more trustworthy blockchain ecosystem.

03 — Ecosystem Collaboration

[imToken Announces Support for PlatON Network, Joining Hands to Build Web3.0 Payment Ecosystem]

Digital wallet imToken announced the addition of support for PlatON network, allowing users to easily add, manage and transfer digital assets on PlatON network on imToken, including PlatON mainnet token LAT, stablecoins USDT, USDC, etc., achieving real-time tracking and management of assets. In addition, imToken also supports the display and transfer of NFTs on PlatON chain, and adds support for PlatON DApp ecosystem in its built-in browser, enabling users to directly access and use various decentralized applications on PlatON network in imToken wallet. In the future, the two sides will also deepen their cooperation in areas such as stablecoins, and jointly promote the development of Web3.0 payment ecosystem.

FaTPay partners with PlatON to provide one-stop fiat on-ramp service for PlatON

FaTPay, a leading digital payment service provider, announced a strategic partnership with PlatON, a fully digitalized public infrastructure, to provide extensive fiat currency and payment method support, as well as one-stop fiat on-ramp service for PlatON’s users and developers, which has been integrated into PlatON Wallet Plugin.

PlatON Ecosystem Project NiftyIN Partners with VCGamers and Link3

PlatON ecosystem project NiftyIN announced that it has formed partnerships with VCGamers and Link3 respectively. VCGamers is a pioneer of digital game market platform in Indonesia; Link3 is a Web3 social network that is dedicated to building and discovering new communities.

04 — Community Events

PlatON and NiftyIN, Sailwars Jointly Host “Co-creating Perspectives on the Future of NFT and Games” Twitter Space Event

On August 11, PlatON CTO James Qu, NiftyIN Operations Manager Ryan, and Sailwars CPO Gandalf jointly attended the Twitter Space event on “Co-creating Perspectives on the Future of NFT and Games”, and had an in-depth discussion and sharing on topics such as the future development of NFT and games.

PlatON and HelloHashKey Launch Joint Giveaway Event

On August 24, PlatON and HelloHashKey launched a joint giveaway event. Users can register to receive HSK blind boxes, and claim rewards worth 100USDT.

PlatON and DeNet, NiftyIN and Others Co-initiate “Web3 Builders Party” Event

PlatON, together with DeNet,, HistoryDAO, BBC Protocol, RebelDucks, NiftyIN, co-initiated the “Web3 Builders Party” event.



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