PlatON Monthly Report: February 2024

PlatON Network
3 min readMar 1, 2024


01 — Technological Progress

PlatON 1.5.0

1)Stability testing observations and issue optimization for PlatON 1.5.0;

2)Support for DeBank deployment of fullnode;

3)Optimization of fast sync to retain transaction receipts; garbage collection mode will no longer delete transaction receipts;

4)Compilation of Release notes for version 1.5.0.


PlatScan: Completed adaptation to the underlying changes in PlatON 1.5.0.

PlatON Wallet

PlatON Wallet 1.4.1: The wallet plugin has added an Off Ramp channel, which will support the exchange of USDT and DUSD into INR fiat currency, including discussions and design of the solution.


BonusPay: Added a stablecoin settlement module, currently in development.

02 — PlatON News

PlatON On-Chain Transaction Volume Surges, Possibly Related to the Launch of the Inscription Platform INSCTraders

On February 4th, data from PlatScan showed a short-term surge in PlatON’s on-chain transaction volume, with the current real-time number of transactions on the chain exceeding 40 million, an increase of more than 56.78% from a week ago. This growth may be closely related to the launch of the inscription platform INSCTraders. INSCTraders operates on the DeEco infrastructure of the PlatON Network, providing foundational inscription services to the distributed ecosystem through a dual-path inscription. Officially launched on January 26th, the platform’s official inscription “INSCT” was fairly minted within 8 hours, with 120 holders cumulatively posting 235,750 transactions; on January 30th, INSCTraders initiated the “PlatON Boom” inscription event, which has since triggered over 12 million transactions on the chain.

03 — Ecosystem

PlatON Ecosystem Project NiftyIN Invited to Become One of Mint’s First Batch of Testnet Partners

The Mint testnet is about to launch, and NiftyIN has been invited to become one of the first batch of testnet partners for Mint. Mint is an L2 blockchain for NFTs, dedicated to building a decentralized network where everyone can freely participate in creating NFT standards and issuing NFT assets.

NiftyIN Partners with Web3 Social Task Network NewLand

The PlatON ecosystem project NiftyIN has formed a partnership with the Web3 social task network NewLand, aiming to jointly explore the Web3 social domain. NewLand is a one-stop social task platform that provides a seamless experience from Web2 to Web3, helping users earn while they play.

04 — Community Events

On the occasion of the 2024 Lunar New Year, PlatON and NiftyIN jointly launched the “2024 PlatON Dragon” NFT free Mint event.



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