PlatON Monthly Report: January 2024

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3 min readFeb 1, 2024


01 — Technological Progress

PlatON 1.5.0

1)Used golangci-lint tool to perform a comprehensive static check and problem fixing, stability and robustness testing are ongoing;

2)Investigated and solved the EIP-4399 (random number opcode) issue by using header.nonce;

3)Adapted to the hybrid new transaction types after testing the upgrade;

4)Completed stress testing, performance improved by 400 transactions/second compared to PlatON 1.4.0 (transfer: 7100, ERC20: 3200);

5)Started the verification of peripheral applications adapting to the underlying 1.5.0 version;

6)Verified the 1.5.0 upgrade plan, improved the upgrade proposal and operation manual;

7)Discussed and solved the upgrade plan of peripheral applications;


1)Added Raw Data parsing function, supported Base64 image preview; tested and launched the cross-domain issue of circulation interface;

2)Completed the adaptation to the underlying changes of PlatON 1.5.0, in the testing stage;

PlatON Wallet

PlatON Wallet 1.3.1: Added wallet Swap to access the exchange contract, completed the modification and launched.


1)Optimized the KYT version, shortened the order replenishment query range to 1 month;

2)Adjusted the interface of obtaining Binance market data;

3)Optimized and fixed the slow arrival time issue of Tron network;

4)Fixed the error issue of the merchant console position page.

02 — PlatON News

[PlatON’s On-Chain Stablecoin DUS Surpasses $3.2 Million in Issuance]

The stablecoin DUS, issued on the PlatON mainnet by Singapore’s DCS Card Centre, has now exceeded an issuance volume of 3.2 million US dollars. In the future, PlatON plans to collaborate with more banking and financial institutions, as well as payment organizations, to initiate various services including the issuance of Tokenized Deposits, Remittance, Merchant Acquiring, Card Issuance, and Lending. In 2024, PlatON also aims to launch a user experience reliant on ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof) verification in specific clearing and settlement scenarios.

03 — Ecosystem

[Inscription Platform INSCTraders Launches, Operating on the PlatON Network]

The PlatON community has noted the official launch of an inscription platform named INSCTraders on January 26. Within 8 hours of launching, the official inscriptions of INSCT were fairly minted, with 120 holders cumulatively posting 235,750 transactions. INSCTraders operates on the PlatON Network as a DeEco infrastructure. It utilizes a dual-route inscription mechanism to provide foundational inscription services for distributed ecosystems, aiming to create a next-generation Dapp ecosystem aggregator that integrates inscriptions with Defi and DeGame.

04 — Community Events

[PlatON Launches New Year Giveaway Event]

As the New Year arrives, PlatON is initiating a thanksgiving and feedback Giveaway event for the community, sending New Year blessings to its community users. Participants have the opportunity to win LAT tokens valued at 500 US dollars. Methods of participation include sharing New Year wishes on social media and retweeting, among others.



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