PlatON Monthly Report: March 2024

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4 min readApr 2, 2024


01 — Technological Progress


1)Fixed an issue in PlatON 1.5.0 stability tests where the snapshot root did not match at startup, and there were inconsistencies with Write Ahead Log data.

2)Addressed the issue of continued writing into the snapshot DB after it had been closed.

3)Resolved the bad block issue that occurred when running different versions of the private chain simultaneously.

4)Upgraded the development network to version 1.5.0.


Fixed a potential NullPointerException issue when converting old transactions to be compatible with the latest Ethereum transaction information.

PlatON Wallet

1)PlatON Wallet 1.4.1: Introduced an Off Ramp channel to the wallet component, supporting the exchange of USDT and DUSD into INR fiat currency, currently in development.

2)PlatON Wallet 1.4.2: Added an Earn feature for locked reward activities to the wallet component, developed and launched.

3)PlatON Wallet 1.4.3: Added a Reward feature for cashback on spending to the wallet component, currently under internal testing.


1)Added a stablecoin settlement module, developed and launched.

2)Added an OTC payout module, currently under internal testing.

3)Introduced a QRPAY payment channel module, developed and launched.

02 — PlatON News

DCS Innov and PlatON Establish Strategic Alliance to Drive Connected Payments in Web2 & Web3

The digital public infrastructure, PlatON, and DCS Innov have established a strategic alliance to jointly promote interconnected payments between Web2 and Web3, broading and accelerating the utility of DCS Tokens (DUSD).DCS Innov will also select and integrate specific payments and credit services within PlatON’s blockchain infrastructure technology.

Starting from providing its digital token management system to DCS Card Centre for the launch of the first digital payment token in Singapore, PlatON has consistently kept its technology above par in terms of security, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. Now almost six months on, both entities are deepening their collaboration to herald a new era of blockchain-driven financial innovation.

In the future, the two entities aim to revolutionize payment clearing with the construct of a digital currency ecosystem. Through synergizing blockchain, smart contracts, and AI, both entities are poised to unlock unprecedented possibilities in Web3 finance, fostering a more inclusive and robust financial landscape overall.

PlatON to Co-Host “2024 Hong Kong Web3 Festival” Payment Theme Sub-forum

As a co-organizing entity for the “Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024,” the digital public infrastructure PlatON, along with Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group, will co-host a Web3 payment theme sub-forum at 14:00 on April 7, 2024. The forum will invite numerous prominent guests from around the world to engage in in-depth discussions on critical topics such as Tokenization, RWA (Real World Assets), stablecoins, and payments, collectively envisioning the future of global payments driven by Web3. Through engaging presentations and intellectual exchanges from guests with diverse backgrounds, including the banking sector, acquiring institutions, card issuing entities, investment firms, and regulatory bodies, the forum will analyze and forecast how blockchain technology can reshape the global payment ecosystem. It aims to unveil the core technologies, application scenarios, regulatory environments, and market trends in the Web3 payment sector to the attendees.

03 — Ecosystem

PlatON Chain Now Supported on Rabby Wallet

Rabby Wallet is the game-changing wallet for Ethereum and all EVM chains By DeBankDeFi.

PlatON Ecosystem Project NiftyIN Partners with NFT Car Racing Metaverse Game RAVE

RAVE is an NFT car racing metaverse game powered by Immutable and Venom Network.

04 — Community Events

PlatON Partners with D-lite Card for LAT Giveaway Campaign

Join the D-lite Card Discord server and check in for 7 consecutive days to enter for a chance to win a grand prize of 2000 LAT; when applying for a D-Lite credit card, use the PlatON referral code to receive 1000 LAT, available for the first 2000 successful applicants only.

PlatON Launches “Hong Kong Staking Carnival”

PlatON announces the initiation of the “Stake LAT, Earn DUSD” campaign through its wallet plugin, with an estimated annualized return rate of 10%. The event is structured in three rounds, with the first round taking place from March 27th, 14:00 to April 3rd, 14:00 (UTC+8), featuring a reward of 2,000 $DUSD for the initial phase. Participation is straightforward: visit the PlatON wallet plugin, click on the Earn module to stake LAT, and then await your block rewards.



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