PlatON Monthly Report: November 2023

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3 min readDec 1, 2023


01 — Technological Progress


PlatON 1.5.0: Completed the adaptation to Ethereum versions 1.10.9 ~ 1.10.16, started the stability and robustness testing.

PlatON 1.5.1: Completed the adaptation update to Ethereum versions 1.10.17–1.10.26, improved the code static check, new features are being verified.


PlatScan 1.4.2: Optimized the “Add PlatON Network” and “Token Information Display Page”, compatible with the network and token addition functions of multiple wallets such as Metamask, TokenPocket, Bitget, imToken, OKX Wallet, etc.

PlatON Wallet Plugin

PlatON Wallet Plugin 1.3.1: Added the function of adding assets to the wallet manager with one click; integrated Unipass wallet, completed verification and updated online.


BonusPay 1.2.4 Cashier: For cashier payment and recharge, all deposits are added with KYT review, which has been tested and deployed to the mainnet.

02 — PlatON News

[PlatON attended Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023, bringing new experiences of Web3 payment scenarios]

PlatON, the digital public infrastructure, attended Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023, co-hosted by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and Invest Hong Kong, and co-organized by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Securities and Futures Commission and the Insurance Authority. During the conference, PlatON showcased its excellent technology and solutions, including TOPOS TDI, TOPOS RemiNet, PlatON AppChain, etc. These innovative products represent PlatON’s latest breakthroughs in Tokenized Deposit issuance, cross-border payment, blockchain application development and fintech fields.

[TOPOS TDI, a deposit token issuance system based on PlatON, debuts at SFF 2023]

November 15–17, PlatON, a digital public infrastructure, officially presented its deposit token issuance system TOPOS TDI at the 8th Singapore FinTech Festival. TOPOS TDI is a deposit token issuance system based on PlatON, which provides financial institutions with a solution to independently deploy compliant deposit tokens, helping financial institutions to issue Tokenized Deposit on multiple chains, securely and autonomously, aiming to provide stable digital assets that meet regulatory requirements for the digital economy.

TOPOS TDI supports multi-chain issuance of Tokenized Deposit, as well as customizing business-related API interfaces, and provides RBAC permission management system, as well as audit and cross-chain issuance data records, making digital currency issuance more secure and efficient.

03 — Ecosystem Collaboration

[Allinpay International, dtcpay and PlatON jointly launch a digital currency payment system based on smart terminals]

PlatON, the digital public infrastructure, has officially established a partnership with Allinpay International, a digital currency payment service provider dtcpay, to jointly develop and launch a digital currency payment system based on smart terminals. This new system will support USDT, ETH, BTC and other mainstream digital currencies, providing global users with faster, more economical and safer payment experience.

The launch of this new system will enable partners and merchants to accept both fiat and digital currency payments, helping merchants expand their business scope, attract more young consumers, and significantly improve their operational efficiency and digitalization level.The industries that have started pilot cooperation include retail, catering, beauty, cinema, hospital, cake shop, pet shop, car sales, etc.

04 — Community Events

[PlatON and NiftyIN jointly launch 10000 $LAT Thanksgiving Giveaway]

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, PlatON and NiftyIN jointly launch a 10000 $LAT “Thanksgiving Giveaway” event to reward the community users.



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