PlatON Monthly Report: October 2023

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4 min readNov 1, 2023

01 — Technological Progress


(1) PlatON 1.4.2: Fixed the node network connection and block synchronization issues, completed testing and provided download to the public;

(2) PlatON 1.5.0: Completed the adaptation to Ethereum 1.10.9 ~ 1.10.16 versions; optimized the UDP protocol and fixed the situation where Ethereum node records (ENR) did not have ChainID attached; completed simulation testing of new node dialing and discovery rules.


PlatScan 1.4.2: Optimized the display page of adding PlatON network and token information, completed verification and updated online.

PlatON Wallet

PlatON Wallet 1.4.0: Added automatic adding and switching of PlatON network function; integrated Swap, supporting exchange between multiple currencies, completed verification and updated online.


BonusPay 1.2.4 Cashier: Payment process and interface reconstruction requirements process change, product requirements planning in progress.

02 — PlatON News

PlatON will attend Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023, bringing new experiences of Web3 payment scenarios

PlatON, the digital public infrastructure, will attend Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023, co-hosted by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and Invest Hong Kong, and co-organized by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Securities and Futures Commission and the Insurance Authority. During the conference, PlatON will showcase its excellent technology and solutions, including TOPOS TDI, TOPOS RemiNet, PlatON AppChain, etc. These innovative products represent PlatON’s latest breakthroughs in Tokenized Deposit issuance, cross-border payment, blockchain application development and fintech fields.

03 — Ecosystem Collaboration

PlatON and NETDRAGON WEBSOFT (HONG KONG) LIMITED explore cooperation in the Web3 field

PlatON, the digital public infrastructure, announced that it will explore cooperation in the Web3 field with NETDRAGON WEBSOFT (HONG KONG) LIMITED, a Hong Kong-based company, including decentralized game economy ecology, NFT minting and issuance, etc., to bring more freedom, more security and more fun to global users.

In this cooperation, the two parties will jointly explore cooperation on the development and operation of Web3 global games, introducing Web3 payment, decentralized game economy ecology, etc. on the basis of the original games. PlatON will provide professional technical services and advanced solutions, and provide a bridge for Web2 game users to enter the Web3 world; PlatON wallet plug-in will also be embedded in the blockchain games, providing users with more secure and convenient payment services.

PlatON and Keystone announce deep cooperation to provide better digital asset services for both users

PlatON, the digital public infrastructure, and Keystone, the hardware wallet, announced a deep cooperation, and Keystone will fully access the PlatON network. Through Keystone and its supported software wallets, users will be able to easily add and manage digital assets on the PlatON network, participate in token cross-chain exchange, access and use various decentralized applications on the PlatON network.

In addition, the two parties will launch a co-branded special edition of the hardware wallet Keystone 3 Pro on site during Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023. PlatON is an open financial infrastructure with privacy computing as its technical feature, initiated and promoted by LatticeX Foundation. Keystone is an open-source airgap hardware wallet that utilizes an embedded system, committed to maximizing security against potential threats, minimizing dependence, reducing human errors, and eliminating single points of failure and improving interoperability, providing users with an easy-to-operate digital asset cold storage solution.

PlatON and HashQuark Cooperate to Build AppChain Infrastructure Service

PlatON, the digital public infrastructure, announced a partnership with HashQuark, a leading global blockchain node validation service provider, on AppChain infrastructure service. HashQuark will launch HashKey Cloud AppChain Infra based on PlatON AppChain, providing infrastructure hosting, operation and maintenance, operation and other services for project parties and node parties on PlatON AppChain.

PlatON AppChain provides appchain extension standard with PlatON as the RootChain, offering flexible and dependable one-stop blockchain solutions tailored to different scenarios across industries, helping to implement Web3 applications and foster innovation and growth in the digital economy. HashKey Cloud AppChain Infra is a dedicated infrastructure operation service designed specifically for AppChain, providing convenient infrastructure services for project parties and node parties without technical expertise or self-providing hardware facilities.

04 — Community Events

PlatON launches “Interpreting PlatON AppChain White Paper, Giving Away Hong Kong FinTech Week Tickets Benefits” Event

In the golden autumn of October, PlatON, a digitalized public infrastructure, announced the official launch of the application chain framework and released the “PlatON Application Chain Technology White Paper” . PlatON will participate in the Hong Kong FinTech Week and launch an event in the PlatON community to interpret the PlatON AppChain application chain white paper and give away tickets to the Hong Kong FinTech Week.



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