PlatON Monthly Report: September 2023

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6 min readSep 28, 2023

01 — Technological Progress


PlatON 1.4.2: Fixed node network connection and block synchronization issues, completed development and submitted to internal testing team for verification.

PlatON 1.5.0: Completed adaptation of Ethereum v1.10.9 ~ v1.10.16, analyzed and handled the version differences of EVM, optimized the logic of p2p disconnection and fetch mechanism.


PlatScan Added an interface to query validator statistics across domains, completed verification and updated online.

PlatON Wallet

PlatON Wallet 1.3.0: Added the function of automatically adding and switching PlatON network; integrated Swap, supporting exchange between multiple currencies, front-end and back-end function development in progress.


BonusPay 1.2.4 Cashier: Payment process and interface reconstruction, scheme design completed, front-end and back-end development in progress.

02 — PlatON News

DCS Card Centre Launches Payment Token DUS, to Be First Deployed and Issued on PlatON Network

DCS Card Centre (DCS) recently announced the official launch of its payment token DCS Tokens (DUS), which will be first deployed and issued on PlatON network.DCS Tokens (DUS) represent a unique convergence of digital assets and traditional finance. DCS Tokens are tokenized from credit card transactions processed by DCS and can only be returned to DCS for redemption as card spend limits. These tokens are designed to provide value stability (1USD: 1DUS) and act as a trusted connection between Web3 and card payments globally in Web2.

In addition to co-issuing DUS, DCS will also explore a new ecosystem of financial services on Web3.0 with PlatON based on blockchain, privacy-preserving computation, artificial intelligence (AI), and other technologies, promoting innovation and development of blockchain technology in the field of payment and clearing. At the same time, DCS became the first heavyweight financial institution to sign up for TOPOS (an encrypted payment and clearing operation system based on PlatON), initiating and building the TOPOS ecosystem together with PlatON.

PlatON officially launches its application chain framework and releases the PlatON AppChain Technical Whitepaper

On September 21, PlatON, the Digital Public Infrastructure, announced the official launch of its application chain framework and released the “PlatON AppChain Technical Whitepaper”, aiming to establish a universal, reliable, standardized and flexible framework for various industries in the Web3 field. It provides more efficient, secure and reliable blockchain solutions with seamless integration capabilities. The application chain framework provides PlatON Application Chain Extension Protocol (PAEP), efficient consensus mechanisms, customizable development, security considerations, availability, as well as comprehensive application chain infrastructure and supporting toolset.

In PlatON’s application chain framework, PlatON acts as the root chain and serves as the witness layer, while the application chains act as the execution layer and independently package blocks and execute transactions. PlatON application chains will provide developers with flexibility and autonomy, committed to promoting innovation and meeting the needs of different industries and application areas, thereby facilitating the diversification and development of the blockchain ecosystem. It is understood that PlatON has already promoted application project cooperation in application areas such as games, AI large models, WEB3 accelerator, DePIN and so on.

The Closed-Door Meeting on “The New Battlefield of Stablecoins: Building the Future of Web3 Payments” Successfully Concluded

On September 12, the closed-door meeting on “The New Battlefield of Stablecoins: Building the Future of Web3 Payments” co-hosted by PlatON, a fully digitalized public infrastructure, DCS Card Centre, a Singapore-based company, and imToken, a well-known digital wallet, was successfully held in Singapore. The meeting discussed the broad application prospects of payment solutions in the blockchain ecosystem, as well as the opportunities and challenges of StableCoin under the new regulatory framework of MAS. Liang Xinjun, co-founder of Fosun Group, Huang Xisheng, CEO of DCS Fintech Holdings, Ben He, founder of imToken, and Sun Lilin, founder of PlatON, attended the meeting and delivered wonderful speeches and dialogues.

PlatON Debuts at the “TOKEN 2049” Digital Summit

On September 13–14, PlatON, the digital public infrastructure, together with TOPOS, a Web3.0 encrypted payment and settlement system, debuted at TOKEN 2049, the leading digital summit in Asia, and discussed with the guests on topics such as global regulatory landscape, crypto and AI integration, blockchain scalability, multi-chain network and protocol interoperability. After the meeting, PlatON shared its insights and opinions at the “Token 2049 Talk: Future Insights” themed AMA hosted by AsMatch.

03 — Ecosystem Collaboration

The Wandering Earth — Odyssey Exclusively and Limitedly Issued on PlatON Network

The AceMeta Company Pte Ltd, the Web3 rights holder of The Wandering Earth, exclusively issued The Wandering Earth — Odyssey on PlatON Network, with a limited presale on the NiftyIN platform during the Token2049 conference (September 13–14). Official minting is expected to commence in Q4 2023.

As a space education project backed by a top IP, the core of The Wandering Earth — Odyssey is to pay homage to the themes of the original text — space exploration, humanity, preservation and respect for life.The Wandering Earth is a novel written by Liu Cixin and published in China in 2000. After winning multiple literature awards it is now considered essential reading for all sci-fi fans globally.

NiftyIN, a PlatON Ecosystem Project, Forms a Strategic Partnership with Mises, a Well-Known Privacy Browser

NiftyIN, a PlatON ecosystem project, announced a strategic partnership with Mises, a well-known privacy browser. Mises aims to create a fast, secure and scalable mobile Web3 browser that supports multi-chain DID domain name resolution, multi-chain swapping, contract and website security detection and reminder, etc.

04 — Community Events

PlatON and imToken Co-Hosted a Twitter Space on “Exploring NFT and Blockchain Games in PlatON Ecosystem”

On September 5, PlatON and imToken, a well-known digital wallet, co-hosted a Twitter Space on “Exploring NFT and Blockchain Games in PlatON Ecosystem”. Mako, Market Researcher of imToken, James, CTO of PlatON, Ryan, Operations Manager of NiftyIN, and Paris, Web3 Architect of TAMc, attended the event and had a wonderful dialogue.

PlatON Co-Launches “Digital Corsairs: 2049 Treasure Expedition” Event with Multiple Parties

PlatON, together with Hyperpay, Gameta, Triathon and more than 50 pioneering Web3 projects, co-launches the “Digital Corsairs: 2049 Treasure Expedition” event.

PlatON Initiates the “PlatON AppChain White Paper Interpretation and Hong Kong FinTech Week Ticket Benefits” Event

In the golden autumn of October, PlatON, a fully digitalized public infrastructure, announced the official launch of the application chain framework and released the “PlatON Application Chain Technology White Paper”. PlatON will participate in the Hong Kong FinTech Week and launch an event in the PlatON community to interpret the PlatON AppChain application chain white paper and give away tickets to the Hong Kong FinTech Week.

PlatON and The Wandering Earth NFT, NiftyIN Co-Launch “Take a Photo and Get a Whitelist” On-Site Event

During the Token2049 conference, PlatON and The Wandering Earth NFT, NiftyIN co-launched the on-site event of “Upload a photo and get a whitelist for The Wandering Earth, win 1000DUS super prize”.



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