PlatON Ultra-High-Pressure Test Launched to Ensure a Highly Stable and Secure Network

On Mar.13,2020, in order to ensure a highly stable and secure network with high availability, PlatON launched the ultra-high-pressure test on the transaction to build a distribution network that can stand up to all kinds of challenges and potential risks.

During the ultra-high-pressure test, all participants can initiate all kinds of transaction to find the bugs of PlatON network. There will be reward blocks, and the participants who have finished transactions in the blocks will get reward accordingly.

Award-Winning Blocks

According to the block production speed on new Baleyworld test net that varies depending on the transaction volume, there will be a newly produced block every 1–1.5 sec. Thus, there are around 57600–86400 new blocks in total every day.

We will check the newly produced blocks each day, and the blocks of which the block height are integer multiples of 10000 will be the award-winning blocks. There will be 5–8 award-winning blocks each day.

In addition, we will add award-winning blocks randomly from time to time. Participants can improve your chance of winning by finishing more transactions.

Lucky Participants

After the announcement of award-winning blocks, we will check all the transactions taken place in the blocks, and sort the transactions according to the packaging sequence of each transaction type, and then select lucky participants from those who have finished transaction in these blocks. Following are the detailed rules:

1. For the transaction types including:

1) Create Validator

2) Edit the Validator Info

3) Quit Validator

4) Report Validators/Double-Signature

5) Create Contract

6) Create Lock Contract

The first transaction is the award-winning transaction, and there will be 20 LAT for each winner

2. For the transaction types including:

1) Transfer/Send

2) Add Staking Amount

3) Delegation

4) Redeem Delegation

5) Claim Reward

6) Contract Execution

The top 5 transactions of each transaction type are the award-winning transactions, and there will be 5 LAT for each winner.

Winner Announcement

PlatON team will check all the transactions taken place from T-1 17:00 to T 17:00, and then announce the winners each day.


1. If the award-winning blocks don’t include the specific transactions types mentioned above, the award-wining blocks are invalid.

2. If the number of transactions of the specific transaction types are less than the award-winning seats, the final winners are determined by the finished transactions.

3. As the last packaged transaction are the top 1 transaction in the transaction list of block on PlatScan, thus, the winners will be select with the reserve order of transaction rankings.

4. We will optimize the rules according to the performance of ultra-high-pressure test, please pay attention to PlatON official forum for more updates.