PlatON Bi-Weekly Report, 4.1-15, 2020

PlatON Network
6 min readApr 15, 2020


Project Progress

PlatON Network

Completed the development of 0.11.0, added the support of WASM in the upgraded new Baleyworld test net, and optimized the issues in the current Baleyworld test net, such as the transfer issues in the built-in contracts, and low/zero block production mechanisms.

Supporting Tools:

1. Completed the development of MTool 0.11.0 that is compatible with PlatON 0.11.0;

2. Completed the development of PlatScan 0.11.0, optimized the low/zero block production mechanisms, and added the feature of displaying the low block production parameters;

3. Completed the development of ATON control panel API 0.11.0 that is compatible with PlatON 0.11.0.


1. PlatON Has Confirmed to Get Involved in Ethereum 2.0 Work by Validating and Implementing the PoC Scheme with MPC

On Apr.8, 2020, PlatON officially announced the engagement between PlatON and Ethereum, and will contribute on the verification and implementation of the Proof of Custody (PoC) with MPC in Ethereum 2.0. Currently, PlatON has completed the design and implementation of (PoC) in phase one, and made it open-source on Github:

2. LatticeX Foundation Officially Announced the First LatticeX Grants Funding Projects

On Apr.9, 2020, LatticeX Foundation Officially announced the first Grants funding projects of its $10M funding plan on cryptography that facilitate LatticeX system and PlatON ecosystem. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and a community developer stand out among the applicants after evaluation and deep communication on the architects, designs, solutions, technologies, etc.

3. PlatON Hosted Its Community Council with Math Wallet to Talk about How Privacy-Preserving Computation and Crypto Wallets Empower Each Other

On Apr.9, 2020, PlatON hosted its community council with Math Wallet jointly, PlatON Chief Architect Shenglin Li and Math Wallet co-founder & CTO Eric Yu shared how privacy-preserving computation and crypto wallet empower each other, and their powerful combination.

4. PlatON Chief Architect Shenglin Li and Algorithm Scientist Xiang Xie Shared How PlatON Refines a New Era in the AMA hosted with HashKey Hub and Ourea Group

On Apr.3, 2020, PlatON, HashKey Hub and Ourea Group jointly hosted an online AMA that focuses on PlatON’s design and practice for true use cases and the trade-off solution that addresses the blockchain scalability trilemma. PlatON Chief Architect Shenglin Li and Algorithm Scientist Xiang Xie talked about blockchain, cryptography, PlatON’s positioning, core aspects of PlatON’s privacy-preserving computation deeply.

5. PlatON Officially Announced that Has Joined in PlatON Ecosystem as a Validator in the Joint AMA

On Apr.1, 2020, PlatON hosted an online event of partnership with, the world’s leading digital asset exchange. PlatON CTO James Qu and the Head of Financial Product Thomas Ho shared their business features and collaboration visions. PlatON officially announced that has joined in PlatON ecosystem as a validator.


PlatON Launched a Large Community Campaign to Recruit Talents Worldwide for a Flourish and Robust PlatON Ecosystem

On Apr. 11, 2020, PlatON launched a large community campaign with diversified campaigns and sufficient rewards to recruit talents worldwide to enhance PlatON community and the whole ecosystem. The PlatON community campaign consists of Twitter campaign, Telegram campaign, Facebook campaign, LinkedIn campaign, Reddit campaign and Medium campaign, and will be valid until Apr. 30, 2020.



Project Progress:

Overall completion progress of Rosetta v0.1.0: 93%

1. Completed the unit test of MPC Gradient OPs, combined with Tensorflow framework to verify the correctness of MPC Gradient OPs execution;

2. Completed the unit test of MPC OPs, combined with Tensorflow framework to verify the correctness of non-parallel execution of MPC OPs;

3. Completed the parallel execution of MPC OPs supported in the Tensorflow framework, enter into the correctness and stability verification;

4. Optimized the realization of orthogonal entropy MPC operation (sigmoid_cross_entropy_with_logits);

5. Completed Latticex rosetta python .whl installation package production and verification;

6. Completed Rosetta integration testing and bug fixing, using custom-based data sets for testing, mainly verifying linear regression and logistic regression models, 50% completed.

7. Started the documentation of Rosetta, 10% completed.


Project Progress:

Completed the development of PAI 0.4.1 with newly added features as follows:

1. The shortcut to duplicate an existing job.

2. An upgrade to the architecture of JobRunner that now supports the asynchronous messaging.



1. On Apr. 1, 2020, being invited by by Qianxun Spatial Intelligence Inc., Gary Xu, CTO of held a webcast, talking about blockchain + high-precision positioning based IoT application.

2. IoT big waves will create a large demand of data privacy preserving. Nowadays data become a key factor of production. Among technologies which keep balance between data privacy and data applications, privacy-preserving computing is absolutely the star players. On April 3rd, CEO Leo Lin was invited by 算力智库 to give a webcast about “IoT and privacy” for the series online courses “Privacy-Preserving Computation+” Industry Deep Dive “ in the Era of Digital Economy” to explore the commercial realization path of AI and data privacy-preserving.

3. On Apr 9th, CEO Leo Lin was invited by Wanxiang Blockchain to give a webcast about “Blockchain IoT Module: Entry of Blockchain+IoT Adoption”. Blockchain IoT module will play an important role as a core component in IoT devices to helps clearing the barriers to the path of Blockchain+IoT integration.

🌟 Vitu

Project Progress:

Development of Vitu v3.0.0: 65% completed.

1. In order to improve the accuracy of the strategy framework, Vitu team is developing the minute-level backtest and simulations for the spot market, which is expected to be launched this April

2. In order to encourage community users to actively share insights, Vitu team is developing the incentive mechanism of platform token, which could also be launched this April.


In March, Vitu launched two channels in the community, namely Strategy and Research channels. In April 14, 2020, Vitu brings a new channel — Idea to the community, introducing a platform for people to observe prices, express opinions and discuss the market.

🌟Horseman GO

Project Progress:

1. Completed the development of gift set for players from partners

2. Completed the development of month card and privilege features;

3. Added the game commentary feature;

4. Completed the design and development of race definition feature.


1. Completed the development of open beta, entered into the test stage;

2. Horseman GO formed the strategic partnership with MYKEY, a self-sovereign identity system implemented on multiple public blockchains; MYKEY will sponsor the Maiden championship for a month;

3. Horseman GO has confirmed to co-host a campaign with DAppBirds to warm-up its open beta;

4. Horseman GO has confirmed to co-host a campaign with EOS币吧 to warm-up its open beta



PlatON Network

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