SlowMist Has Confirmed the Absolute Security of Seven PlatON Modules in the New Round of Security Audit

Recently, SlowMist, one of the pioneers dedicated to the blockchain ecosystem security in China, has confirmed the absolute security of PlatON in the new round of security audit.

The security audit mainly focuses on seven significant models including P2P security, RPC security, cryptographic signature security, accounts, transaction models, virtual machine security and consensus security, using static code check to ensure the overall performance after multiple version upgrades and iterations and the newly released WASM on the new Baleyworld test net.

P2P Security

1. Node connections audit: limited the maximal connections of P2P and connections in and out, to prevent Eclipse Attack and Sybil Attack;

2. Node performance audit: limited the receiving rate of blocks to stop the malicious nodes from pushing massive data, resulted in the denial of service because of inadequate performance;

3. Communication encryption audit, executed RLPx encryption for P2P connect channel;

4. Alien Attack audit: checked the chainID during the handshake among nodes on different chains. According the audit report, the nodes don’t connect to each other and pollute the address pool.

Virtual Machine Security

1. Executed the security audit on both WASM virtual machine and EVM virtual machine;

2. Executed the audit on the virtual machine exception, fake charge and transaction congestion attack.

Consensus Security

1. Activating layer audit: executed test verification on the incentive model on new Baleyworld test net;

2. Block verification audit: executed the signature verification for blocks;

3. Merkle tree audit: executed the verification for the proof of Merkle tree

“ Besides the security audit on the seven significant PlatON models including WASM virtual machine, EVM virtual machine, node incentive mode, etc. SlowMist also checked the code that has been audited in the first round of audit in early 2020. According to the report, with its ultra-high code quality, PlatON has ensured the absolute security of all audited parts.” Said Johan, Head of Security Audit of SlowMist.

PlatON, as the infrastructure for privacy-preserving computation and distributed economies, always treats security as the top priority, and heavily value the security of blockchain system. Furthermore, PlatON will keep insisting on the research and development of infrastructure, and safeguarding the network security of the whole blockchain industry.

PlatON — An Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies.