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5 min readMar 28, 2020

On Mar.26, 2020, PlatON hosted its 3rd Community Council with, the world’s leading one-stop mining service provider. PlatON founder & CEO Lilin Sun and co-founder & CEO Peicai Li officially announced the strategic partnership between PlatON and will contribute on the network building and community governance to help facilitate the prosperity and stability of PlatON ecosystem.

🌟 — World’s Leading One-stop Mining Service Provider

Introduction of

Mr. Li: Shanghai Wayi Network Technology Co., Ltd., aka, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the Internet field. Since its establishment in June 2015, it has won the trust and support of domestic and foreign customers with professional service and good reputation. is dedicated to being a top player in the blockchain industry with its one-stop mining integration service covering mining machine, cloud mining, building & operation of mining sites, mining pool, quantitative investment, OTC, etc.

we currently operate more than 200,000 digital currency miners, with a total load of nearly 250,000 kilowatts. In addition, we also operate Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum mining pools.

Strengthens of as One of World’s Top Mining Service Providers

Mr. Li: is leading with:

1. Solid background in mining

We’ve been diving into the blockchain industry since 2013. We started with 4 mining machines, and kept paying close attention to the development trends to adjust our strategy and complete our business scope following the mining industry chain. After years of improvement, we have the business model that fits the landscape of today’s blockchain industry most.

2. A huge scale of operation

Currently, we have 0.2M mining machines managing all kinds of cryptocurrencies, with 0.25M kilowatts load in total. Besides, we have 10 self-operated mining sites, and extra 8 collaboration mining sites. Our mining site scale ranks top in the blockchain industry, and can meet different demands of users.

3. Professional operation & maintenance team

We have a professional operation and maintenance team consists of 150 workmates with 24/7 non-stop work, which ensures the highly effective service all the time. Users’ interests come first for

In total, as an experienced mining service provider, we are greatly good at problem solving, and have comprehensive solutions for different users. In addition, we are sensitive about the trends and landscape of blockchain industry to redefine and extend our layout, that’s why we collaborate with PlatON. We feel lucky to join a competitive public blockchain with real use cases like PlatON, and be one of the important nodes of PlatON.

🌟 PlatON — an Ever-growing and Stable Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economies

The Latest Development and the Further Plan of PlatON?

Mr. Sun: PlatON released its new Baleyworld test net on Mar.20, 2020, and now in the extensive testing and operation stage before our main net is officially announced. We’ve invited many node partners and end-users to participate in Galaxy Rally, a large testing campaign with 5M LAT bonus pool, and help polish our economic model, governance mechanism, technology stability, security and availability. and Mr. Li has shown great support on PlatON since the early 2019, and also one of the great contributors in this testing campaign.

With regard to Privacy AI, our core development direction, we will release world’s first Privacy AI open-source architecture supporting Tensorflow framework in around May, 2020. Then we will build our next-generation DataBank service based on the Privacy AI open-source architecture. Currently, we’ve formed collaboration with many first-tier commercial banks and insurance institutes.

In a word, we provide the basic technology and architecture for the trading and monetization of all digital assets, and the related data transaction service when our main net is officially launched.

Recently, we announced a $2M Grants program and have received more than 20 applications including over 10 applications on privacy-preserving computation and blockchains. We will announce the first projects list selected out after evaluation, and we’d be happy to complete PlatON ecosystem with all great minds worldwide.

How Do You Think About the Recent Turbulence of Cryptocurrency?

Mr. Sun: Historically, the crypto market has gone through several rounds of depressions, in 2013, 2018, 2020, respectively. In my opinion they are just normal occurrences, and won’t affect my judgement for the whole market and industry. Blockchain, as a revolution for the financial infrastructure, is still in its early stage. We will keep our focus on the development and investment on the infrastructure for distributed economies.

Mr. Li: The market trend of cryptocurrency is unpredictable, and has high volatility. I think the turbulence just remind us to respect the market, and be more cautious about the risk.

🌟 Strategic Partnership between PlatON and

Mr. Li: We appreciate the trust and recognition for from PlatON, and will spare no effort in facilitating the prosperity and stability of PlatON ecosystem by helping build PlatON network and the community governance.

Mr. Sun: Thanks very much for’s support, we feel so lucky to get the trust and help from such a backup like And’s layout and experience will widen our horizon on judging the market and industry, help us avoid risks, and get approved in the global community.

Foundation of the Partnership between PlatON and

Mr. Li: From the view of product and industry chain, PlatON provides the tech support for data exchange and collaborative computing and facilitates the development of global infrastructure for blockchain nodes. PlatON focuses on the development of data technologies and application ecosystem, while focuses on the building and operation for hardware and underlying network nodes. Both PlatON and are indispensable in the blockchain landscape, and are quite mutual complementary.

Furthermore, PlatON is a promising and tech-savvy public blockchain with almost perfect economic and governance models. It is influential in the blockchain industry. has been diving into the mining ecosystem for years with good reputation. We wish our strategic partnership is a powerful combination and win-win strategy.

How Do You Think about PlatON’s PPoS Consensus Mechanism and PoW Mechanism?

Mr. Li: Either PoS or PoW has its strengthens. PoW mechanism is a product mechanism that can encourage miners to participate in the security maintenance for blockchain network. Miners play an important role in keeping the transparency and network security of blockchain even though they don’t know detailed info of many cryptocurrencies.

With the development and iteration of blockchain’s consensus mechanism, PoS mechanism has been applied in many public blockchains. Plus, Staking and DeFi programs based on PoS mechanism get their recognition, which facilitate the development of both underlying technologies and use cases of the whole blockchain industry.

What’s the Further Development Plan of PlatON’s Privacy-Preserving Computation?

Mr. Sun: We started the research and engineering practice on cryptography in 2016, and then dived into MPC (Multi-Party Computation) in 2017. In 2019, we’ve settled Privacy AI as the core direction of PlatON, and started the development on a Privacy AI architecture with Tensorflow, for the purpose of helping developers get their hands dirty on the applications with no need to understand the complexity of cryptography. Later on, we will have DataBank, a significant engine and platform supporting monetizing data assets based on our Privacy AI architecture.

Our further plan is to support the transaction and liquidity of private data asset based on PlatON completely. That’s in my opinion the real use case.



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