The Internal Test for PlatON Privacy-Preserving Network is on!

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2 min readDec 23, 2021


Hello, PlatON community! The PlatON Privacy-Preserving Network internal test is ready to be experienced by our community pals! For more information, please continue reading this article.

Privacy-Preserving Network Cloud Environment Description

Privacy-Preserving AI Platform (Moirae)
Environment address: 21

Workflow configuration instructions.

  • Before configuring a workflow, ensure that at least data greater than or equal to two organisations’ published data is requested in Market-Data and that the requested data should contain the A dataset corresponding to the same industry as well as the B dataset.
  • When configuring a workflow, the data originator must select dataset A and the data responder must select dataset B for the industry corresponding to dataset A.
  • When a workflow is configured for a single prediction algorithm, it needs to first successfully execute its corresponding training algorithm to obtain the results as an input model.
  • If its corresponding training algorithm has been successfully executed, the regression algorithm corresponding data originator should also select the organisation where the training algorithm results are stored after selecting the results of that training algorithm as the predecessor node output model.
  • When the workflow is configured to combine algorithms, the training and prediction algorithms of the same business type need to be selected.
  • Special dataset description.
    Bank dataset corresponds to the insurance dataset

Getting Started

For detailed steps, please refer to the Privacy-Preserving Network_Getting Started

Bounty for internal testing

Reward from 200–2000LAT depending on the quality of the content



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